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Heading out into the mountains to lose yourself in a winter wonderland can be blissful, but locating a ski (after you yardsale into that same winter wonderland because you were messing with your Megasend Footy Cam 3000 instead of skiing) is the opposite of blissful (tortured, maybe?). Folks who have lost skis in deep snow know that once you stomp around for 20 minutes without success, your only options are to either excavate a home-foundation sized hole in the snow with a tiny shovel or walk miles back to the car. Avoid ski-loss with the Atomic Backland Tour Bindings leashes, reliable and safe solutions to the lost-ski problem plaguing our community (at least 3 skiers a season lose their 'spot in the crew' as a result of ski loss). Loop, clip, and charge! It's that simple. If you leave the brakes behind on your Atomic Backland Tour binding, be sure to add a set of leashes to your other cherished skis. Getting one pair of leashes / per pair of skis is a good idea for regular leash users.

  • Coiled design keeps them compact and out of your way, but gives plenty of leadway to clip to your boot.
  • A large clip with a crisp wire gate means these are easy to use and provide a confidence-inspiring feel.
  • Additional wire ring can be attached to your boot for a larger target when using the wire gated clip.
  • Sold in pairs.

Questions & Reviews

Question from Jon P
What is the stretched out length?
Answer from Niko M
Hi Jon! These measure 57cm when fully stretched. Thanks!
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Question from Amanda
Is it possible to just purchase the loop part, or do you need to buy the entire leash?
Answer from Jeremy L
Thanks for the question, Amanda. We do not sell the loop on its own but it is something you may be able to piece together at your local hardware store.
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Question from Mol
Are these leashes breakable in the event of an avalanche? Thanks.
Answer from Julieana
Hey Mol, the only breakaway leashes we currently have are the B&D Ski Leashes. In general, I would avoid using leashes in avalanche terrain.
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Model: Backland Tour Binding Leashes (Pair) MPN: L3996440001 UPC: 0889645444581

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