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Skimo Co





5' 3"


120 lbs

Shoe Size

US 6.00

Skier Type

Type III+ - Expert

Ski Frequency:

100+ days / year



My Skiing

SkimoCo staff member 2020
Freeride World Tour Qualifier competitor. I like to go fast and take chances. Fan of jumping off of things and occasionally attempting spinny and flippy tricks. Frequently injured due to bad luck/dumb decisions.

My Gear

Powder/resort setup/daily driver: Atomic Backland 107 in a 167cm length with Dynafit Rotation 12 bindings. Lightweight setup: Movement Alp Tracks 95 in a 169cm length with Plum Oazo toe and Dynafit Superlite 150 heel. Boots are Atomic Hawk Ultra XTD 130 in a 22.5. Pack: Mammut Ultralight Airbag 18L pack. Poles are Les Batons D'Alain in a 115cm length. Jacket and pants are the women's Dynafit Radical Infinium Hybrid line in a size M.

Recent Posts

Hey Nicole, I think you could go with either the 164cm length or the 172cm length and both would be appropriate based on your height. Your decision on which one to go with should come down to what length of ski you are used to skiing--if you are used to longer skis, go long, if you are used to shorter skis, go short. It should also come down to what you prioritize in your skiing experiences. The shorter length will be easier to turn and maneuver, especially in tight or variable conditions. The longer length...
Hey Tim, Yes you can use Dynafit crampons with this binding! As far as the elastic travel goes, you likely won't notice it when you're skiing it. This binding is mounted with a gap just like the Oazo and the travel is designed so that you don't damage the binding if you manage to really overflex the ski. I personally like the Oazo since you can access both riser heights without turning the binding, and I also happen to like the Plum crampons a little better than the Dynafit crampons. But other than tho...
Hey Molly, I just pulled a set to see if the small might work for you and unfortunately it looks like it's just a tad too long for that Voile Hypercharger. As for which skin to go with, I personally love the packability of the Free Pro, as long as you're not planning to skin over too many obstacles that one is a great choice. However, if durability is key for you, the Climb Pro S-Glide will definitely hold up to a little bit more abuse.
Yup, that instep is definitely going to be the snuggest/lowest of the three!
Hey Molly, You'll want to adjust the heel gap to 4mm. And yes you are correct, there is one medium height option that just covers the pins, but for true flat and the highest riser option you'll need to rotate the heel 180 degrees. If you're wanting more riser options maybe consider the ATK Raider 12 Binding.

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