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Height:5' 3"
Weight:120 lbs
Shoe Size:US 6.00
Skier Type:Type III+ - Expert
Ski Frequency:100+ days / year
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My Skiing

SkimoCo staff member 2020
Freeride World Tour Qualifier competitor. I like to go fast and take chances. Fan of jumping off of things and occasionally attempting spinny and flippy tricks. Frequently injured due to bad luck/dumb decisions.

My Gear

Powder/resort setup/daily driver: Atomic Backland 107 in a 167cm length with Dynafit Rotation 12 bindings. Lightweight setup: Movement Alp Tracks 95 in a 169cm length with Plum Oazo toe and Dynafit Superlite 150 heel. Boots are Atomic Hawk Ultra XTD 130 in a 22.5. Pack: Mammut Ultralight Airbag 18L pack. Poles are Les Batons D'Alain in a 115cm length. Jacket and pants are the women's Dynafit Radical Infinium Hybrid line in a size M.

Recent Posts

I've used this jacket as a mid-layer this season and it functions quite well. Once I heat up enough to take my outer layer off this layer has great breathability but also enough windproofing/water resistance on the chest and shoulders that it keeps me dry when I'm moving both from the inside out and the outside in. I also am really impressed with how fast it dries out once it's gotten wet. This layer has been really great in preventing me from getting too sweaty on the up or subsequently freezing when I tra...
I've been using this both as my touring boot and my resort boot and I love it. The stiffness is awesome and the fit is great for my foot, which is somewhat square at the forefoot with a slightly tall instep and a very narrow ankle/heel. They upgraded the liner from the 2019 model and the new liner is really warm, comfy, and it does a great job of locking in the foot for a snug feel. It walks really well for a 4 buckle boot, and though I am admittedly a smaller human, the flex profile felt plenty stiff to ch...
Hey Deling, Good news, while Blizzard has changed the construction of their Zero G 85s over the years, the shape has pretty much stayed the same. If you've got the indent in the tip for the tip hook to sit in, these precut skins should fit your skis perfectly. If not, you can just flex the tip buckle a little and it will still fit your ski just fine!
Thanks for reaching out, Thom. The backing on these particular skins should go in the trash as they can collect dust and debris which you could then transfer to your skin. If you want to use something for storing over the summer you could purchase the Black Diamond Cheat Sheets found here. Especially with Pomoca skins, which are quite easy to rip apart, I generally just stick my skins together. For long-term storage, I also find that storing them in a cool place is more helpful in preserving the glue than u...
Hey Jon, this liner will be much more pliable and flexible than the other liners you're considering. This liner will walk well and will have a bit more cushion and density than the stock liner. The 28.0 would be the right size for a 28 F1 LT shell. The Scarpa Pro Flex Evo is designed for the F1 and is a thicker liner that will fit much more snuggly than the stock liner for the F1 LT, it might also restrict range of motion a little in walk mode. If you are looking to take up a lot of space around your foot t...

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