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BCA 10x Magnifying Loupe


If you are birding, inspecting coins, practicing astronomy, or studying snow, the naked eye doesn’t always cut it. In all these fields, transcending to the next-level of geekery requires a visual aid. Level up your snow-studies with the BCA 10x Magnifying Loupe. It allows you to see snow crystals at ten times their actual size. he folding base makes it compact enough to never leave behind. The scratch-resistant lens and sturdy metal base ensure that this will likely be the last loupe you ever buy. The BCA Magnifier helps you make those ski-or-not-to-ski decisions while backcountry skiing.

  • Tri-fold metal base is sturdy and will maintain its strength regardless of temperature.
  • Meager 50g weight is a worthy payload that even weight weenies will comply with.
  • Generous 10x magnification is enough to get up close and personal with the snow.

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Model: 10x Magnifying Loupe MPN: C1318SS11010 UPC: 0857240002802

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