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BCA 35cm Saw

Brand: Backcountry Access
Model: 35cm Snow Saw
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Price: $54.95
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Saws are great for all kinds of things (especially sawing!) and usually it’s pretty tough to innovate on a design that’s worked for hundreds of years. Leave it to Backcountry Access to take sawing to the next level. Using a 35cm fixed blade attached to a 13cm injection-molded handle, the BCA Snow Saw is as easy to hide in a pack as it is to dig a respectable snow-pit. The burly handle uses a two-prong design, with one prong having 14mm and 16mm steps that can attach to your adjustable ski pole so you can get extended reach while sawing snow, wood, or even ice. Markings every 5cm on the blade allow for precise cuts and laser-etched 1mm and 3mm crystal-cards are built in for easy assessment. The serrated blade is incredibly sharp, but fear not, it comes with a handy blade cover. Every good trail-breaking, pit-digging, tree-pruning, ice-sculpture-carving human being needs a BCA 35cm Saw.

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