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Black Diamond's Guide Snow Saw is a unique multitool. Sure it rips through snow with the razor-sharp teeth, but it also has bonus features that are just what you need when you pull it out. There is a pit cord attached for cutting ECT blocks that stores on the handle, potentially helping with grip while sawing. Also integrated is a crystal card so it really is a many-in-one snow science tool. Maybe they couldn't squeeze in a magnifying glass or maybe that will be in the next version. Either way, the Black Diamond Guide Snow Saw is a super versatile cutter that clocks in at an impressively lightweight.

  • Teeth are optimized for cutting hard snow.
  • Integrated crystal card lets you size up the danger.
  • 250cm of 3mm polyester cord for cutting large blocks.
  • Pit-cutting cord wraps conveniently around the handle.
  • Comes with a lightweight sheath to protect your pack.

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Questions & Reviews

Jonathan S (used product a few times)
Getting excited about a snow saw is definitely a challenge, but as a skimo race organizer and racer and as an avalanche safety instructor for AIARE and NSP, if anyone can rise to the challenge, that would be me! First the weight, shockingly omitted from the Skimo Co listing: about 5.7 ounces, including the protective sheath and the cord.

In exchange for the weight savings, compared to the competition from G3 and BCA, the handle is just an extension of the snow saw – like on the old Life-Link snow saw in days of yore, if anyone reading this is old enough to remember that model – not really a separate piece. So if you’re planning to saw up block for an igloo or something like that, would probably become uncomfortable. But for typical snow pit work, it’s fine.

The length is also minimal, with no readily available means of lashing any extension to it, but once again, for typical snow pit work, it’s fine. The imprinted snow crystal “card” is a nice touch, although rather small.

Unlike that previously referenced Life-Link model, this BD model is far more impressively machined, with greater rigidity and hence efficacy (especially for our impressive melt-freeze crust layers out East, interspersed with dense wind slab).

Overall, if you want a lightweight, compact (given its “2D” design), feature-rich, effective snow saw, this is it for sure!
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