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10/10/2016 Binding Recycling

Don’t clutter the landfills with old broken tech bindings!  Somewhere someone could use those parts to milk a few more seasons out of their investment.  We act as the intermediary, buying used and broken bindings in order to salvage the working components.  You benefit by getting credit towards a new binding.

Here’s how it works: bring or ship your binding to our retail store.  We will evaluate it and issue store credit based on the current market value of the working parts.  We can’t tell you the exact value in advance, but rest assured you will get fair compensation, usually around $25-$45 for each working toe or heel piece.  Smaller amounts are issued for the working parts on otherwise broken components.

A sampling of parts that make up a classic Dynafit TLT Speed alpine touring binding.

Some of the things we look for are sheared or excessively worn toe pins, stress fractures in the metal or plastic, and unusual play.  But even in those cases, there are usually harvestable parts on a tech binding that someone could use.  If you need a part, be sure to check out our listing for Used Dynafit Parts to see what we currently have in stock.

There isn’t a hard age limit on recycled bindings, but we do have a limited number of models that we work with.  Let’s face it, some obscure bindings have no market value and likely belong in a museum.  The binding models we currently accept are listed below.

  • Dynafit Radical ST/FT 1.0 & 2.0
  • Dynafit Vertical ST/FT
  • Dynafit Speed Radical/Turn
  • Dynafit Comfort Series
  • Dynafit Superlite 1/2
  • Dynafit TLT Speed
  • G3 ION

Please note when purchasing used parts that they come without warranty and we cannot be liable for their use.  We offer this program as a service to folks who understand the risks inherent to skiing, especially in the backcountry.  We perform a basic visual inspection and cannot see microscopic stress fractures and other defects that may affect your safety.  If you are not comfortable with these risks, please purchase a new binding or part instead.  We typically allow returns of used parts within 30 days if you have any problems.

This is a brief overview of our binding recycling (a.k.a. trade-in) program.  If you have any questions, send us an e-mail or use the Contact Us link on every page.  Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy your investment for many seasons.



Comment from Kevin Woolley
I've got some used green SSL 2.0 heels to swap for used white ones, my wife is flying to SLC this weekend. Do you have 2 white used heels to purchase? Do I send the used ones without screws? I hope so because I will need the screws to swap in the white heels.
Reply from jbo
Hi Kevin, looks like we currently have one used white one in stock; we have new ones as well. Screws are not necessary for a trade-in, we have plenty of those!
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Comment from Gregg
What a great service. When I return from Hokkaido I will mail in some parts (brakes for vertical st's). Do you have classic heel plates? #8 in exploded pic.
Reply from jbo
Hi Gregg, happy to accept your parts. Unfortunately no classic heel plates in the bin at the moment, but we see them from time to time.
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