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From time to time we sell used demo bindings and/or previously mounted new bindings (from canceled orders, e.g.). These come with a limited 90-day warranty covering manufacturer defects (not abuse). Demo bindings may be returned unused within 10 days if you find they won't work for you.

Salomon MTN Tour Binding, 90mm - Brand new in the box...rare edition with 50mm adjustment track instead of the 30mm standard. Cannot be mounted brakeless.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from dang3rtown
Can these be run as a brakeless binding?
Answer from jbo
Hi Jesse, the Radical ST Rental cannot be used without brakes, sorry!
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Question from mike
Hi, interested in the used dynafit radical ST 92mm what is BSL variance for the extra long heel track? I have about 30mm BSL difference btw my two boots. Also any chance this binding is compatible with the Kreuzspitze Telemark Kit? Do you have compatible risers so I can mount the AT heel to work with the telemark kit and still have the long track BSL adjustability? Thanks.
Answer from Will McD
Hi Mike,
The demo track has roughly 60mm of adjustability, so it will comfortably fit both of your boots. The toe piece (without the shim) will fit on the Kreuzspitze Telemark Plate, however the Radical heel is unfortunately not compatible with Kreuzspitze's TTS system - even if you were to shim it up to the level of the toe piece, the geometry of the Radical heel does not allow enough space for a telemark heel lever.
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Question from Kylee
How much do these weight?
Answer from Teddy Young
The Ski Trab Titan Vario Adjustable binding weighs about 234g per side, and the optional brakes add roughly 62g per side.
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Question from Mark Beattie
Is this the 82mm or 92mm version? Does Dynafit publish a weight and/or size guideline for these?
Answer from Jeff
Mark, They are 92mm Brake. They are rated for 2.5 - 7 release value, not a stated weight. You can get the release value on our binding finder. Binding finder
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