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We have an eco-friendly Binding Recycling program so we end up with some used parts. Hopefully, you can find a part to keep your expensive tech bindings chugging along for another season. We do a basic visual inspection on the parts but cannot guarantee they are defect-free, so buy at your own risk. If you're not comfortable with that, please check out our wide selection of new parts. Some of the photos here are of new parts, and there may be visible wear on the part you receive. If you're not happy with the condition, or the part doesn't work for you, we allow money-back returns within 10 days of receipt.

Please note that Used Dynafit Parts are listed separately.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Hugo Lindstrand
I'm looking for a used marker kingpin 13 toe piece. Do you have any in stock? Or maybe just the plastic part that is missing to reattach the springs, see pictures.
Answer from Will McD
Hi Hugo, we don't have any of those kingpin toes, but we do have new Marker Alpinist toes available. Both toes have the same hole pattern, and Marker actually started shipping all Kingpins with Alpinist toes for their better performance and durability over the original orange Kingpin toes.
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Question from Josh Stevens
I’m looking for 1 Kingpin 13 heel. I broke one on the plastic circle and would love to replace it. If not, I would be happy to sell/trade the other good heel piece. Trying to find a solution for my downed 4frnt’s.
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Josh,

We don't sell Kingpin heels, unfortunately. If the bindings were purchased with us we would be happy to help you look into starting a warranty case for the breakage, if it seems like they might be covered. Email us at if you'd like to pursue this!
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Question from Carbonj
Which one of those used palua liners would best fit a dynafit tlt5 26.5 mountain, the original liner is a tf-x liner ?
Answer from Ian C
Hi Carbonj, looks like you may have meant to post this question on our used items page! I have not seen that boot in person before, but among those that we have listed the 26.5 Tour Lite Pro Evo seems like a good option.
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Question from Jess
I’m trying to figure out if it’s possible to repair this binding and what part(s) I might need. Any ideas?
Answer from Jeff
Jess, You will need a new Brake/Baseplate. We have them here - Dynafit Brakes. You need the ST Rotation 90mm x 1. Or 120mm. The 105mm are sold out for the season.
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Question from Darin
I recently replaced a G3 Ion 12 heel turret as the previous broke. The old turret had a plastic heel pin holder brake. Is the old turret trash or can it be repaired/recycled? Doesn't feel right throwing the whole unit in the garbage.
Answer from Julieana
He Darin, unfortunately there's really not much use for that old turret. Sorry.
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Question from Andrew wagner
I’m interested in the used ski Trab tr race toes. Do they use the same mounting pattern as the dynafit radicals? And do you have 2 of them?
Answer from jbo
Hi Andrew, sorry we have just one and it matches the Dynafit classic pattern (minus the 5th hole), not the Radical pattern.
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Question from Albert
My movement race bindings are starting to show significant wear on the heel U spring. Any leads on where I might be able to find a couple? Or any other U spring that might fit?

Thanks a bunch, Albert
Answer from Jeff
Albert, We might be able to help. Is this the binding you have - Movement.
If so, email us at and we will get you set up.
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Question from ullr
I need parts for Silvretta easy go bindings. they are old. yellow and black in color. med or large size. please and thank you
Answer from Teddy Young
Hello, thanks for reaching out! My apologies, but we do not have any parts available for Silvretta bindings, sorry to be a bit of a dead end.
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