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Trim your skins and open your letters with the same tool!

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EG1 (used product a few times)
Not worth buying at all. G3 or Pomoca VERY worth the extra $ (if you're buying one and it didn't come with the skins). I like and use G3 skins sometimes - but will never cut them with the tool provided.
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Centerfold (used product regularly)
Once you use the Pomoca you will never go back. When you use this a few times you go okay I’m getting the hang of this. It’s not that great though. Not that precise.
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Travis (used product regularly)
When you get your hands on a Pomoca skin trimmer this tool seem wholly inadequate. This is more of a letter opener that requires a lot more work. The Pomoca trimmer is not only is easier to hold I can almost trim an entire edge in one swipe as it automatically is offset and leaves just the right amount of edge exposed. It’s a miracle.
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Oakley (used product a few times)
It's nice that BD includes these with their skins, but there are far better options if you are purchasing a skin trimming tool outright. If you look at the competition, you can see that they use a guide to align the cutter with the edge of the ski. BD uses no such guide - just cut and pray.

Considering that a misaligned cut can seriously impact a skin's ability to function as intended, the additional $5-10 you need to spend to buy the Pomoca tool or the G3 tool (my personal favorite) is well worth the investment.
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