Skimo Co





6' 1"


185 lbs

Shoe Size

US 10.50

Skier Type

Type III+ - Expert

Ski Frequency:

100+ days / year

My Skiing

Ex D1 college alpine skier - spend more days on touring setup than chairlifts now

My Gear

Long Days/Outings:
-Scarpa F1's
-Kastle TX87's w G3 ZED's

Quick Laps/Powder
-Scarpa Maestrale
-G3 ROAMr's w G3 ZED's

Recent Posts

This product is great and I was surprised to not have any issues with the snap latch closure on the top. Expected it might click open and leave you with a soaked vest/shirt but have not encountered that thus far. The extended bite valve is also a nice touch as it's still easy to get to when it's in a vest and begins to lag down into the pocket when it begins to empty.
This stuff is great. Sure, maybe it's not as scientifically fast as what's coming from Swix and other brands - but by no means is that noticeable (if true) and it's a lot more pleasant to work with. It actually smells good and lead to believe that the fumes are less likely to be harmful!
Great mini tool to have in the car/backpack. I've even kept it in my pocket on a handful of occasions when you're heading out on new bindings/etc. Do wish it came with some more bits but compatible with any other driver bits.
Have had one of these through an entire ski racing career and it will remain in my box/on the bench for the rest of time. Never once had an issue with it and provides a reliably sharp scraper every time. Occasionally take the file out to get it cleaned off and that's all the maintenance you'll need to do. Lot of people tend to screw it to the bench, I like to be able to keep it loose so you can hold it while using it.
Good little battery for a good lamp (have the Aktik Core). Only complaint I have is that it's a bit annoying to not have a charge level indicator besides "needs charge" and "fully charged". Some of the other Petzl lamps offer this, and find that very useful. Regardless, good battery here and never had any problems with it - lasts well in the cold.

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