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At Skimo Co we're pretty conscientious about things that are light, so the construction of the Vapor Carbon 2 Pole was a real head turner around here. Designed specifically for ski-mountaineering and backcountry skiers, these weight-conscious poles are something we can really get behind. If Bruce Lee taught us nothing else it is that lightweight can also be strong, an attribute shared by BD's tough and abrasion-resistant Vapor Carbon 2. Having an appreciation for the need to be flexible and adaptive when circumstances change, the Vapor Carbon 2 makes excellent use of its two-piece, 100% carbon fiber shaft design that has 35cm of adjustability. Extended for the approach, short for the steeps, ranging from 100cm-135cm this one size fits most pole will have you crushing terrain of all types and slope angles. In the backcountry, failure should not be an option, so to avoid potential gear failure BD utilizes its Flicklock Pro locks on the shaft, which are easy to use and remain securely in position, no matter how hard you pull, push, or propel. We all deserve to have a trusty companion by our side, why not have two with the Black Diamond Vapor Carbon 2 pole?

  • 75mm Freeride baskets reduce levering out in firm conditions, but have the float for deeper days.
  • Lightweight and durable carbon fiber material is rugged enough for serious adventure.
  • Flicklock Pro locks make for easy and secure adjustments.
  • 18mm upper shaft and 16mm lower shaft are robust, yet light.
  • Ergonomically designed extended foam grip is both comfortable and lightweight.
  • Dual density grip-top rubber makes buckle and riser height adjustments easy and predictable.
  • Light and fast ideology holds up to the scrutiny of Skimo's weight weenies.

Update 2021/22: Black Diamond has added a longer, ribbed grip zone and a splash of vibrant green to the VC2 pole.

Lengths (cm) Adjustable 100-135
convert to ounces
Weight (pair) 448g
Sections 2
Grip Extended foam grip with a hooked cap
Basket & Tip Comes with a 75mm Freeride basket, carbide tip
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Carbon fiber
Skimo Co Says
Usage For the fast and light backcountry skier
Notes Large diameter upper and lower = a strong and light pole
Bottom Line May be the most sought-after adjustable pole
Compare to other Adjustable Ski Poles

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Question from Christian M
Is this pole sold as a pair? After getting one pole when buying BD whippet poles, figured it's worth checking if these are sold individually.
Answer from Zak M
Yes, James, the poles are sold as a pair!
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Model: Vapor Carbon 2

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