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Zak M

Zak M




6' 0"


170 lbs

Shoe Size

US 9.50

Skier Type

Type I - Cautious

Ski Frequency:

1 - 9 days / year

My Skiing

I am scared of most large faces

Recent Posts

Hi Casey, for that binding you will want the 12.5mm Torx screw.
Hey Steve, overall ROM is basically just as good and it's been noted that the downhill performance of the Peak Carbon compared to the TLT 6 with the tongue is even better. The Peak Carbon will also be lighter as well.
Hey Qun Gu, in general, there's not all that much we can do in order to make more room vertically in most boots. We can heat mold the liners and get some initial height in the boot, or with the Zero G Tour Pro boot in particular grind down the boot board some. Another boot you could check out that has a fair amount more height for your instep would be the Lange XT3 Tour Pro boot , which still walks, and skis very similar.
Hey Dave, overall the Colltex Mohair pulls off fairly similar if not slightly easier than the Pomica glue. Another skin you could check out would be the Contour Guide Mix skins which also have similar feeling glue for just the right amount of stick and the ability to rip off.
Hey Snaffelhound, thanks for the question. At 5'3 that would put your wife right around 160cm and unless she is used to skis that are longer in general I think the 158cm length would be appropriate. As far as bindings are concerned we've had a number of folks pair the 112s up with something relatively light like the Atomic Backland Pure Binding or the ATK Kuluar 9 LT Binding as well.

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