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Zak M

Zak M




6' 0"


170 lbs

Shoe Size

US 9.50

Skier Type

Type III+ - Expert

Ski Frequency:

50 - 99 days / year

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Hey Snaffelhound, thanks for the question. At 5'3 that would put your wife right around 160cm and unless she is used to skis that are longer in general I think the 158cm length would be appropriate. As far as bindings are concerned we've had a number of folks pair the 112s up with something relatively light like the Atomic Backland Pure Binding or the ATK Kuluar 9 LT Binding as well.
Hey Mattia, if you intend to just be using the skis for purely racing and training the 162cm should be just fine. If you wanted to use the skis for more objective-oriented pursuits then the 169cm might be a bit more beneficial with the extra length. Thanks
Hey Lazar, the loop of the leash should be able to fit through the little opening on the toe piece of the Raider 12. Quite often if there is no designated spot to connect the one end of the leash you might need to add a small loop of cord (2-3mm usually works) in order to attach it.
Hey Mike, the Palau Tour Lite Pro Liners would probably be your best bet for finding a liner that's the most similar. Thanks
Hey Jordan, I would say the F1 is a bit of a beefier boot with a more "progressive" flex than the F1 LT. So yes, your thoughts are sounds, and for some slightly wider and heavier skis, I would choose the F1 as being the stronger skiing boot out of those three. Thanks

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