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Join the worldwide phenomenon known as Booter Friday! Started at Skimo Co, the tradition is great for team-building and encouraging folks to step out of their skinning comfort zone. If the day is Friday and you’re booting your way up a mountain, be sure to hashtag #BooterFriday on Instagram. Skimo Co’s Booter Friday T-shirt is a 50/50 mix of cotton and polyester that is soft and stretchy enough for high-fiving your buds with one hand while Instagramming with the other. Reach for your phone after a day of boot-packing up your favorite peak, then slip on this long sleeve tee and relax.

Note these shirts run tall so don't size up for height.

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Questions & Reviews

Dan C (used product regularly)
Of all the items on this site, perhaps no other captures what it means to fully embrace the pursuit of turns by simple human endeavor.

Firstly, it confuses the hell out of resort skiers. The picture makes them think you've carrying a rocket launcher on your back. Also, the only 'booting' on a Friday that they're familiar with is when Davo the snowboarder gets drunk, tries to grope a guy's girlfriend, and summarily has the stuffing kicked out of him outside the bar.

Secondly, the long sleeves help you deal with relatives and co-workers. They see you living from paycheck to paycheck, hear words like skins and bindings, and see those beach muscles and love handles disappearing as you log thousands of meters of vert. To them, you look like a junky - enter those comfortable long sleeves, which conceal your forearms and the true nature of your addiction (let's face it, being addicted to crack is probably cheaper than buying the latest and greatest carbon race boots).

Lastly, it is simply a comfy shirt for chilling...or hiking 12km and 1200 vertical meters just to see snow (see attached pic). Because even if you live in one of the worst countries in the world for ski touring, you still embody that desperate need to ski whenever the hell you can, and has been both a source of great advice, and the primary enabler of your simultaneous financial poverty and psychological ecstasy.
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Jonathan S (hasn't used product)
Five Stars via the build-up rating method:
- First star is because the front of the shirt makes me happy, since it says Skimo Co, which makes me think of skiing, especially with all the great gear available from Skimo Co.
- Second star is for a nice fabric blend that feels kind of silky smooth and soft.
- Third star is because the sizing makes me feel big and manly, as I definitely need a Medium. By contrast, all my skimo-specific clothing is a U.S. Small (although often originally labeled as Euro Medium, which is kind of depressing because it would seem to indicate that Europe thinks we're the United States of Obesity). The description is definitely spot-on though that the sizing runs long in the torso and sleeves, so if you're tall and skinny (as you should be for Skimo racing competitiveness), then no need to size up.
- Fourth star because the tag is in both English and Spanish, so you can teach yourself some Spanish each time you wear it, which would have come in handy for my Summer 2015 business trip to Chile (hence the otherwise irrelevant picture).
- Fifth star because Skimo Co generously donated an assorted of sizes as prizes for my race series out East, so I certainly wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth!
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