Dan C

Dan C
Height:5' 10"
Weight:165 lbs
Shoe Size:US 10.00
Skier Type:Type III+ - Expert
Ski Frequency:50 - 99 days / year
Learn more about me at:
My Skiing

Used to climb (rock and ice), now love climbing something to ski down. Skied mostly in Australia, Japan and New Zealand. With an improving skill set, I'm looking to hit up the US and Chamonix. I'm finding that I enjoy pretty much all aspects and styles of BC skiing - from the freeride kind of descents to super long days on race skis.

My Gear

Skis - Too many! My faves are my ZG108s, Salomon Mtn Ex 95 and Minims for skimo shenanigans.

Boots - TLT6, Salomon Mtn Lab and La Sportiva Syborgs.

Bindings - ATK FreeRaider 2.0, Trab Gara Release, Plum

Other stuff - Millet, CAMP, Crazy Idea, Dynafit, Arva, Black Diamond...lots of the stuff featured on this site!

Recent Posts

The sample size floating around down my way was my size - hence the early review. These boots are pretty sweet in every regard. They go down as well as any boot I've skied; better than Mtn Labs or Vulcans. They weigh not much more than most regular touring boots, but are vastly superior when descending. In terms of touring and climbing, they go well. I loosen all the cuff buckles. Probably could use a bit more range of movement aft, but that's a minor quibble. Sole seems durable and grippy. The walk/ski l...
Btw, I'm 179cm, 75kg and use the large.
I love this jacket so much I've bought two. It's an excellent outer layer for most conditions, and seems to get the balance of protection from the elements to breathability just right for skimo shenanigans. The pockets are simple and easy to use, and can fit surprisingly large skins. The hood is simple and effective. The back panel is awesome for venting. Fantastic jacket for ski touring!
These are an outstanding general purpose ski that do everything well. Not too heavy but with enough bulk to cope with variable snow, they excel in spring/softer conditions. They retain a very solid edge, but have a little too much sidecut for my liking on the steep and icy, but they are still very manageable. They have reasonably soft tips, but are stiff underfoot. This is a great ski that can be ridden hard or in a relaxed manner at any level and on any terrain. A great all-round option.
As an update, I'd give this ski a 3.5 - 4 stars for everyday use...They are a lot of fun, but if you encounter variable snow or heavy, wet powder, then they become quite hard to manage. In the right conditions (and as long as you aren't going too fast), these skis are a lot of fun.

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