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Lycra suits are not just a fashion trend. While it's true you may be seeing more and more skiers at the trailheads looking sleek, that's just a side effect of race suits being perfectly optimized for ski mountaineering. The Contest Suit from CAMP is a great example, with special pockets for skins, gels, and even an avalanche transceiver. And of course you can be sure that a suit designed for racing will have many ventilation options while being reinforced in all the right places. And yes, there is even a special access zipper for when nature calls. Don't forget to flush!

  • Lightweight Lycra construction is flexible, breathable, and double layered on the knees for warmth and durability.
  • Mesh backing helps regulate your temperature and dump moisture around your backpack.
  • Kevlar reinforced cuffs resist tears so you can worry less about crampon mishaps.
  • Reinforced elastic stirrups fit securely around your ski boots so your pants don't ride up when booting through powder.
  • Dedicated slots for boot buckles are compatible with all the popular one-motion buckle / lock systems.
  • Two exterior chest pockets for skins and another for gels or a camera so you don't need to access your pack.
  • Interior pocket for an avalanche beacon, easily accessed in a pinch via a full length chest zipper (which opens up or down)..
  • Two additional layers of separated interior space in the abdomen help keep you organized and moving efficiently.
  • Tiny ventilation holes underneath the armpits release heat before it builds up.

Sizing is Euro, so XL is more like an L around these parts.

convert to ounces
471g [M]
492g [L]
Ventilation Mesh back, underarm holes
Hood No
Pockets 1 chest for skins, 1 chest for gels, 3 inner stomach
Cuffs Stirrups & buckle cutouts
Specs Verified Yes
Fit Race tight
Materials   Lycra with kevlar reinforcements and mesh panels
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing, efficient touring
Notes Well ventilated, convenient boot buckle holes, "nature calls" access
Bottom Line Perfectly optimized for ski mountaineering

Questions & Reviews

Question from Jake D
6' 190lbs, usually wear 34 waist pant and medium shirts. Is medium the best bet?

Very strange that they do not publish sizing guidelines.
Answer from jbo
Hey Jake, I would say large would fit you better, the sizing is fairly Euro. They stretch well so the medium probably wouldn't be grotesque but could be extra tight in the lower half.
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Question from Robert
I wear a 34/30 pant and a large to xl shirt. Will the Xl size fit me or be too big?
Answer from jbo
Hey Robert, the XL will probably be a little big at your size. I'd say you would fit the large or even medium better, as these stretch fairly well and nobody likes loose fitting lycra :)
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dauwhe (used product a few times)
Having been a cyclist for decades, I'm used to lycra. As the father of a young child, one-piece suits seem totally normal. What I'm not used to is wearing ski clothing that looks like a ski graphic. But this suit is so awesome I don't care that I look like a doofus.

I've been out in this twice so far. I'm used to skiing in midweight soft shells (Patagonia guide pants & jacket, or things like that). I never felt those were restrictive, but I really noticed being able to move more freely. Somehow it just felt "right" to be heading up the hill wearing the suit. Breathability is excellent, but given the conditions I always wore an additional layer on top (Nano Puff when it was 5 degrees, Piton Hoody (which is awesome, by the way) when it was 20 and very windy). The combo proved very comfortable both days.

The other great feature is the pockets. It will take me years to figure them out, but the big skin pockets on the outside of the suit are great. Much better than trying to jam skins into generic shell pockets. I'd been afraid they would only fit full-on racing skins, but there's plenty of room for the full-coverage skins for my 163cm Hagan Cirrus skis. We'll see if it works with the skins for my 100mm-waist skis.

I haven't sorted out the cuff arrangements yet. I wish it came with an instructional video! I'll report back when I work on that.

Oh, I do wish it said "ski" instead of "camp". But other than the appearance, I already want to wear this every time I go skiing, even though I'm old and slow.
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Question from Dave Cramer
Do you have any information on sizing for this suit? I'm 5' 8" and 147lb, and am wondering if the S would work. There's so little race-specific clothing online, and most of it is only available in very large sizes.


Answer from jbo
Hi Dave, yeah we could do with more sizing guidelines on these. I fit the medium at 6' 1", 160 lbs, but it's not skin tight. I bet the small would work well for you. It's possible the legs end up slightly short depending on your inseam but they do stretch well. Probably worth a shot, and of course we're happy to take it back if it doesn't work out for you.
Answer from ScSe
Hey Dave, was the small the right size? I'm 5'9" and about 150#, so I'm curious if the small is the way to go or not.
Answer from dauwhe
The size felt just right. I should mention I have relatively short legs and a longer torso. I wouldn't have wanted the suit to be any shorter.
Answer from ScSe
Great. Thanks for the info.

I'm the opposite, so I wonder if I should go with medium. Dave, do you mind measuring the inseam on the small? (jbo, do you mind measuring the inseam on the medium?)

I'm in Canada, so if I can avoid shipping the wrong size back and forth, that would be ideal... Thanks for your help!
Answer from dauwhe
It's really hard to measure, given the stretchy fabric and the complicated cuffs. I'm getting around 25 inches from the crotch to the highest part of the scuff guard on the inside of the leg, without stretching the fabric at all (it would stretch another foot). I also made a similar measurement on some ordinary pants, and it measured 28" (with a nominal inseam of 30").

I do feel like my legs could be lots longer and this would still fit, but if my torso was any longer I'd be in trouble.
Answer from jbo
Hi Scott, I performed the same measurement as Dave and got 26 inches to the top of the scuff guard on the medium. It's roughly another four inches to the actual opening of the cuff (unstretched).
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