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The Flash Competition Pants are a great wind pant by themselves, or a perfect match with the competition anorak. Made of the same durable ripstop Araneum fabric as the anorak, the wind pants can be put on or taken off easily while wearing ski boots. With full side zips and minimalist elastic straps to secure them onto your ski boots, the CAMP Flash Pants are an ideal lightweight shell for races or tours in unsettled weather.

  • Designed for use with ski boots as they are cut off just below the boot top to save weight and allow buckle operation.
  • Front and back elastic straps securely loop underneath the arch of your boot and optionally to a rear catch.
  • Constructed with CAMP proprietary Arameum 20 denier ripstop nylon for an excellent strength-to-weight ratio.
  • Windproof fabric has a water resistant treatment so you won't be stopped by drizzle or wet snow days.
convert to ounces
110g [M]
Ventilation Full length side zips
Pockets None
Waist Elastic
Cuffs Straps for ski boot attachment
Specs Verified Yes
Fit Regular fit, loosish shell
Materials   Araneum ripstop nylon
Insulation N/A
Lining No Linging
Coating Calendering water resistant
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing, but also a good everyday wind pant
Notes Can be put on and taken off without taking ski boots off
Bottom Line Speedy on, speedy off. Packs down small
Compare to other Men's Overpants/Shorts

Questions & Reviews

RandyOakley (used product a few times)
These pants are super. Very light and compact to carry. They cut the wind really well.

Zippers are tiny. So it can be tricky to put them on at a high point where the wind is ripping along. I've found it slightly easier to put them on if I carry them packed up with the zippers engaged a few inches and then fully unzip only one zipper at a time. With both unzipped and the pants flapping in the breeze keeping things straight isn't dead simple.
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Question from RandyOakley
What is the waist size range on the XL ? 38 inches ?
Answer from jbo
Hi Randy, yeah the XL can handle 38" without a problem. I'd say it tops out in the low 40s with the elastic. It can be cinched down to 32" or even further with some bunching; a pretty flexible fit.
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Question from Brian Story
I am considering ordering these pants for my wife. She has a 27" waist and is 5' 2" tall. Can you provide any sizing advice? thanks
Answer from jbo
Hey Brian, definitely the small!
Answer from ScSe
Does the Small have enough room for 5'8" @ 150#? Or will more Mediums be coming in for the 16/17 season?
Answer from jbo
Hi Scott, sorry it took a bit to find a properly sized model. Looks like the Small has enough room in the waist, and since it's only a boot top cut, should be fine in length as well. Unfortunately no more of these are expected.
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Jonathan S (used product a few times)
Overall: Five Stars for a highly water-resistant pant with full side zippers, with the weight only a fraction of the types of shell pants that are typically lugged around the backcountry. The Flash Competition Pants are perfect for racing and training when your lycra suit might not be quite enough. Only major caveat is that they definitely won’t hold up to sustained rain.

Background on product familiarity: For three seasons so far, I’ve brought along the Flash Pants pretty much whenever I’ve worn a lycra race suit for training or racing, and for many tours also. Usually just stays buried inside my pack though. Sizing for CAMP clothing is somewhat of a mystery, but the size Medium seems to have just the right relatively loose fit on me (at 5’8” 145lb, with 32” waist).

First, the first impressions out of the box: Finally, some additional lower body protection against the elements with almost no weight and bulk penalty inside your pack!

Everything is miniaturized, so putting them on with frozen fingers in the middle of a race might be tricky. The “waiting for the flood” shortened inseam does look kind of funny, but anyone who would mock you for this is too overburdened with heavy gear to keep up with you.

Second impressions, in use: The extra protection from the elements is just perfect for when your lycra race suit isn’t quite enough. And I stayed dry once from a surprise ~15-minute rainstorm. But it eventually soaked through completely on another tour from a long sustained rain.

Third impressions, for long-term durability: Since it has mainly stayed in my pack, I can’t say. But definitely not the material choice for long nasty bushwhacks.
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Question from Joey D
Is there a Camp sizing chart anywhere? I can't find one on their website. I want a pair of these, but I have no idea what size. I'm 6'1", 180, 33 waist. Thanks.
Answer from jbo
Hey Joey, unfortunately they do not have a sizing chart which is frustrating. I'm also 6'1" with a 33 inch waist and I like the medium, the waist and volume are good. It's possible if you have longer legs you would prefer the large (I have a 32" inseam), but it's a boot top cut anyway so the length is not really critical.
Answer from jbo
Just wanted to add one thing, the medium actually stops right where my boot does, it's not over the top of the boot like in the picture, so maybe a little on the short side.
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Question from sytse
Need a L one. Will you get those in stock?
Answer from jbo
Hello, unfortunately the supply of larges has run dry for the season (including manufacturer stock). Your options are to shrink, grow, or wait for next season.
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