Shoe Size:US 10.50
Skier Type:Type III+ - Expert
Ski Frequency:25 - 50 days / year

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I've used a half dozen times, snow ranging from granular to powder. Excellent grip and glide. Glide noticeably better than nylon skins. Glue very tenacious. Glue to Glue a very bad idea. I use a scrap of SilNylon fabric half the length of the skin to prevent glue to Glue contact. SilNylon is a bit too slippery. Uncoated ripstop might be better
Easier to use than standard skin trimmers. You can trim in one session without having to peel skin off the base and move it over in a precise manner. So finished skin matches ski nicely.
These skins are impressive. Slide forward much easier than glidelite skins used previously on the pair of skis I use these on. Glue is good too. Rolls up very small and easily fits in my jacket pockets.
These pants are super. Very light and compact to carry. They cut the wind really well. Zippers are tiny. So it can be tricky to put them on at a high point where the wind is ripping along. I've found it slightly easier to put them on if I carry them packed up with the zippers engaged a few inches and then fully unzip only one zipper at a time. With both unzipped and the pants flapping in the breeze keeping things straight isn't dead simple.
These mitts are great. Pack up nice and small. Lining is smooth, so they are easy to put on over XC ski gloves with rubbery palms. Great for keeping gloves dry while doing a snow study. Nice to toss on when the wind picks up or when heading back down.

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