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With its functional and comfortable personality, the previous G Comp Warm was a fan favorite for obvious reasons. Slightly tweaking the formula for this latest iteration, CAMP hasn't fixed what wasn't broken and instead built upon an already excellent glove. Similar to the previous iteration, the stowable Warmit'N features 60g of PrimaLoft Gold insulation, providing warmth on cold ridgelines. When not needed, the slightly stretchier storage pocket allows the Warmit'N to be quickly and easily stowed on the wrist, which is especially useful during hard aerobic pushes to the top. The increased coverage of the silicone Grip'R material provides extra grip, helping provide extra purchase on icy poles. The fingers feature a boxed finger construction, which improves dexterity, helping you handle ropes with ease. Whether snapping a picture or navigating to an unknown powder stash, the thumb and forefinger are touch-screen compatible, allowing you to use your smartphone. When you need a dextrous glove that can adapt to a variety of situations, the G Comp Warm is up for the task.

  • Warmit'N provides 60g of PrimaLoft Gold insulation when needed, and stowes out of the way on your wrist when not.
  • Grip'R pads on the palm assist with grip when things start to get icy.
  • Box finger construction provides increased dexterity compared to its predecessor, providing confidence when navigating through technical terrain.
  • Thumb and index finger are touchscreen compatible, allowing you to use your smartphone.
  • Clippable hanging loops allow you to quickly clip your gloves to your harness if need be.
  • Sweat pads on the thumb allow you to comfortably wipe away sweat.
  • Soft, dextrous, and an excellent companion for cold-weather ski mountaineering.
convert to ounces
110g [L]
Weight (pair) 220g [L]
Cuffs Elastic with security strap
Screen Touch Yes
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Ripstop nylon, silicone Grip'R pads, PrimaLoft Gold Warmit'N
Insulation 60g PrimaLoft overmitt
Skimo Co Says
Usage Touring
Notes Warmit'N is easily stowable in the wrist pocket
Bottom Line Light, warm and versatile racing glove
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Model: G Comp Warm

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