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CAMP G Comp Warm Glove - 2022/23

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What would make the popular G Comp Wind mitts even better, you ask? Insulation, that’s what. Now get your favorite transformer gloves with bonus warmth, via PrimaLoft® Gold insulation. When you’re working hard and it’s reasonably temperate, the breathable Lycra gloves are all you need. But if the temperature drops or you hit a cold wind on the ridge, simply pull the overmitt out from the wrist. The wind-blocking, insulated shell will cover your fingers and keep them warm while your palm remains exposed for good grip on your poles (or handlebars if that’s your bag). The CAMP G Comp Warm is two gloves for the price of one, and you don’t have to take your pack off to switch.

  • Overmitt (Warmit’N) is made of Pertex Quantum® which is a rip-stop, wind-blocking fabric.
  • Warmit’N is stuffed with 40 grams (1.8 ounces) of PrimaLoft Gold to keep your fingers toasty.
  • Grip’R pads on the palm, thumb, and index finger are durable, supple, and offer good grip.
  • Lycra shells are soft, dexterous, and also breathe well so you don’t get clammy hands.
  • Terry wipe on the index finger and thumb for clearing you glasses, goggles, or eyeballs.
  • Elastic leashes on the wrist prevent your gloves from rolling down a mountain.

Update 2019/20: CAMP updated the glove with a black and lime color scheme.

Update 2023/24: CAMP revamped the glove, which can be found here.

convert to ounces
63g [L]
Weight (pair) 126g [L]
Cuffs Elastic w/ wrist loop
Screen Touch No
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Lycra, Pertex Quantum shell, PrimaLoft Gold insulation
Insulation Warm N' Mitt with PrimaLoft Gold
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski mountaineering, alpinism, running
Notes Insulated overmitt hidden in wrist
Bottom Line Two gloves for the price of one
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Questions & Reviews

Todd S (used product regularly)
I won these for podiuming in a splitboard division! Kudos to CAMP for sponsoring local skimo races in the Pacific Northwest and donating some swag. I actually was cursing my Arc'Teyrx light leather climbing gloves in the Mt. Ashland Skimo race where I won these. They were too cold after getting wet and did nothing against the wind. So winning these was basically the best prize I could ask for - tailor made for skimo racing with a bit of insulation. I have used them for both fitness laps and two races now and they are exactly what I needed.

They have a bit of insulation but still breathe pretty well, and they are dextrous enough to do splitboard transitions easily. They are able to shed light snow pretty easily but they are not waterproof. They have been wet after races but not uncomfortably so. The wind cover works basically as expected. Nice for some warmth on the windy ridges.

With the wind mitten stowed, the cuff is pretty bulky, but it doesn't interfere with my fitness watch, which I was a bit worried about. As others said, it won't fit well under a jacket sleeve. They also come with elastic leashes, which I'm not sure why. Maybe I'm lucky that the gloves fit me well, but there is zero chance these things come off accidentally, the cuff is very snug. I guess if you needed to use your bare hands and didn't have a pocket for these? I cut the leashes off.

Other extremely important notes: The highlights sorta match the CAMP Rapid lime green pack but not exactly... they're more neon green than the lime green. They do not match the blue details of the race suit. (really need more colorways!)
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Barry B (used product regularly)
Thin softshell material that reminds me of touring pants. Does a good of shedding snow when dealing with boots / bindings / skins. Very dextrous, I can do anything I need to do while touring with them on. Touch screen compatibility works better than any other gloves I've tried; yeah it's still not the same as bare skin but it's good enough to take photos or check the map without removing the gloves, although wouldn't want to type with them. Nice grippy palms feels secure even when choking down on a carbon pole. The mitt part is somewhat large when packed into the wrist but much better if you fold the mitt instead of rolling it. My only complaint is the mitt has no grip material and its lightweight nylon shell is super slippery. Forget about securely holding a pole grip much less choking down onto a carbon pole. I have found that if I leave the thumb out of the mitt that I get a somewhat better grip; good enough to choke down on a pole for turns in non-consequential terrain. Going to see if I can find some paint on grip material for the mitts because that would make them perfect for me.
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Travis (used product regularly)
Overall a good glove, but I have some complaints. First what I like. I love that I no longer have to fish out a warmer glove for the down. Pull on the over mitt (very toasty) and I’m good to go. Now the bad. 1) the glove portion has very chunky seams. For the price I’d expect the liner to at least be as comfy as a BD or OR fleece glove. 2) they bleed black dye onto plastic. My helmet and ear buds get a black film on them every time. Happily it washes off. 3) stuffing the over mitt into the cuff never fits under the cuff of your jacket and is very tight. 4) The touch sensitive pointer and thumb only work if you use them just so. I love the concept , but the execution could be better. There just aren’t a lot of options for this type of glove.
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John B (used product a few times)
New addition to the glove quiver but very happy with their performance and awesomeness. These are perfect for me so far in temps down to 20 degrees and I could see them working in the upper teens just fine. Complex little gloves but makes life much simpler. They have great grip and feel. I ordered an XL but probably could have gone with a XXL. Surprising as I'm usually a L or XL so you may want to size up.
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mbillie1 (used product regularly)
I've been using these quite a bit both racing and touring this spring. Definitely not a warm glove, you have to be really moving even with the insulated overmitten on if you want to use this much below 20F. They breathe great and have excellent dexterity though, and are really more than enough glove for most warm weather spring touring. The mitten is kind of bulky when it is wrapped up in the cuff, and they do stay wet if you get them wet, which are my only negative points. However for most sunny 25F+ days these are great touring gloves. My hands tend to run a bit cold also so ymmv.
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