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CAMP is known for movement through technical terrain very efficient. Indeed, with the Kinetic Rewind Comp via ferrata set, flowing through the fixed-line sections of a Euro-tour or technical race is that much easier. 19mm Rewind webbing stays compressed and out of the way, so you can focus on moving instead of organizing lines at an anchor. Icarus carabiners open with one hand, so you hardly need to break stride to safely attach yourself. The connection to your harness is always in the proper orientation thanks to the twist-ring that keeps everything straight. Thanks to a few awesome races like the Powder Keg and Crested Butte, via ferrata is alive in North America. The CAMP Kinetic Rewind Comp is the best way to the podium.

  • Rewind webbing twist ring keeps the lanyards in their proper orientation regardless of initial hook-up method.
  • Locking Icarus carabiners are light, sturdy, and lock faster than your car door in a shady neighborhood.
  • Stout 19mm Rewind webbing stays compressed and out of the way until needed.
  • Meets the updated EN 958 safety standard.

Update 2023/24: In addition to a 24g weight reduction, this new gray-colored version has been updated to include a fall indicator inside the more compact, redesigned energy absorber pouch. This indicator will tear when the energy absorber is activated and lets you know when the set should be retired. The total stretched length has been reduced from 125cm to 110cm, helping to shave weight and keep things neat and tidy.

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Specs Verified Yes
Skimo Co Says
Usage Technical skimo races, via ferrata courses
Bottom Line One of the cleanest via ferrata kits on the market

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Benski (used product a few times)
Excellent (if not a little heavier) design that adds a little confidence over straight dyneema runners. Worked great on the A Basin via ferrata section and in practice.
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Model: Kinetic Rewind Comp

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