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Colltex Climbing Skins

Colltex is the Swiss company that invented adhesive climbing skins in 1968. Since then, they’ve continued to refine their formulas and manufacturing process to produce quality mohair, nylon, and mixed skins. Colltex carpets are used by champion racers and mountain guides throughout Europe.

Colltex Race Crystal Skins
Yellow is the new pink! The Colltex Race skins are top-of-the-line Swiss technology. Found underneath the skis of many European champions, the skins formerly known as PDGs are 100% mohair with a special glide treatment. They weigh in at 20% less than othe..
From $139.95
Colltex Race Skins Per CM
The most affordable way to get your purple on. Buy the PDG skins by the centimeter to avoid waste. Select your width and type in the number of centimeters you desire in the quantity field. We will cut a length off the roll and send it your way. You can fa..
From $0.34
Colltex Skin Parts
Skins are made of tips, tails, glue, and fur. Except the fur, these can all be replaced. Here is our current lineup of parts from Colltex, the makers of Colltex skins. Ace Tip Attachments - Combining the security of a standard tip attachment with the s..
From $14.95
Colltex Pro-Skin Protective Sock
Keep your skins in tip-top shape and extend their life with the Colltex Pro-Skin Protective Sock. This neat sock acts as a skin saver to make your skins easier to pull apart while also keeping your glue maximally protected from the elements. Furthermore, ..

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