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Colltex Skin Parts

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Skins are made of tips, tails, glue, and fur. Except the fur, these can all be replaced. Here is our current lineup of parts from Colltex, the makers of Colltex skins.

Ace Tip Attachments - Combining the security of a standard tip attachment with the speed and efficiency of a race-notch. The Ace installs like a normal tip attachment without having to adjust your tail strap. Pull on the red tab to pop the metal clip off the tip of the ski and then rip the skins from the tip without taking off your skis. Simpler and faster. Two tips included.

Adjustable Tip Brackets – Inner and outer metal brackets that you can hammer together to acheive the right width for your ski tips. 70+ mm.

Camlock+ Tail Kit – Two adjustable tail straps with Camlock+ clips and rivets to hold 'em on.

Camlock+ Tail Clips – Two plastic and metal clips that hold Camlock+ tail straps onto a ski. Straps not included.

Adhesive Tube – Have your magic carpets lost their magic? Not to worry. Refresh with a new layer of glue. 75ml.

Acrylic Tape – A refresher coating of the acrylic non-glue formula formerly known as Whizzz and now called Clariden.

Protective Netting – Keep your climbing skin glue fresh and clean with protective netting. Sometimes called 'cheat sheets'. Two 95cm strips fit skins up to 140mm wide.

Carry Bag – Nice bag for storage and transport of climbing skin kits. Emblazened with Colltex logo.

Skin Clips - These handy little things fix to the end of the skin to secure on your skis. The skin clips include tip loops, rivets, and tip attachments fabric.

Question from Steve
Is the transfer tape ok for 10+ year old colltex mohair skins?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Steve! Yeah, it should be good!
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Question from Steve
Is this a glue for my skins, to iron on?
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Steve! Definitely don't iron it on, but the tubed glue can be applied very easily with a credit card or scraper of sorts.
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Question from otto
is the acrylate tape the same as th wizz tape
Answer from jbo
Hi otto, yes it is! The product was originally called Whizzz.
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Question from toddball
How long are the tail straps? Have a 192cm ski and skins that were cut for a 186cm ski (and have one non-functional talk strap, which I will probably have to cut off); wondering if these will give me enough length. Thanks!
Answer from toddball
And a related question: does the "Camlock + Tail Kit" cover a pair of skins, or just one? I.e. how many do I have to order for one pair of skis?
Answer from Nate
Hi Todd, from the taper at the end of the strap to the curve near the t-shaped mounting area these straps have 8cm of length.
Answer from jbo
Hi toddball, the Camlock kit does have enough parts for a pair of skis. I'm skeptical it has the length you need if you're cutting off existing tail clips and trying to extend it another 6cm.
Answer from toddball
Thanks jbo. Could you recommend a different talk clip kit that would work? Maybe the BD STS kit?
Answer from jbo
Hi toddball, the only "extra long" tail clip kit I can think of is the now-discontinued Voile kit which you could put 15" Voile straps into. You may still be able to find one, but note the tail clips are designed for very rounded tails and don't fit well on flatter tails.

The BD kit isn't super long, but you may be able to get it to work depending on how far you are from the tails currently.
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Question from Ginger
how do I use the transfer tape. do I iron off the old glue?
Answer from jbo
Hi Ginger, it's best to start with a clean layer of glue, so you want to at least do the paper-bag & iron method of removing the top layer of dirty glue. Then you can apply the tape. It comes with instructions as well!
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by Jonathan S (used product regularly)
This review is only for the "Camlock+ Tail Clip" -- and it came already affixed to some Colltex skins, so I can't speak to the ease of retrofit.

With that caveat aside though, Five Stars for:
- Cam attaches very easily and securely to the ski tail.
- Cam then allows for nice grab when ripping.
- Length adjustment is easy indoors when warm, less so when cold in the field, but given that the tail attachment is there for backup anyway, not like you need to be removing every little bit of excess slack on subsequent laps.

Overall, a great choice if you want the extra security of a tail attachment (combined with a basic bar-style tip attachment) yet want to buy skin material from a roll.
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