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A simple and affordable tip system for race skins. The Colltex Race Fix kit consists of two bungee cords, washers and plastic end caps. They are affixed to your race skins with some vinyl and hammer rivets which are also included. You can also sew them on, which is how they come attached in the PDG kits. Whether your skins were purchased off the roll or dismembered in an accident, the Race Fix kit from Colltex will have you climbing on them in no time. Price is for a pair of skins.

  • Tie a knot behind the washer to set the length of the bungee as you desire.
  • Plastic end caps make for something to grab in order to rip your skins off.
  • Weigh 10 grams each including 2 rivets, or 11 if you are anal and use all three.

Pro tip: adding a bit of tape or melting the ends of the cord will help feed it through the end caps.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from scott
How would I put this on Atomic Precut Skins? Is there a video showing how to do it? TY
Answer from Emmett I

Cut the original tip off, then punch holes for the rivets through the black patch and skin material. Then, fold the black patch on over the skin material and bungee, then rivet it in place. You can see how it should look on the PDG skins, only difference is the PDGs are sewn on instead of riveted, which is easier if you have access to a heavy duty sewing machine. Included with the tips are some instructions for how to assemble the rest of the tip.
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Tom (used product regularly)
Simple system for those looking to cut their own skins. The parts seem high enough quality and the assembly is straightforward.

One star off because the bungee / cap system is a bit wonky, and it is difficult to find the precise amount of bungee to include in order to make the clip stay shut. Had to fiddle with it for a bit prior to finding an adequate lock. Otherwise no issues.
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Question from Aaron O
Does anyone know what the gauge or diameter of the bungee is? (4mm, 5mm?)
Answer from Cole P
Hey Aaron, the bungee diameter is 3.5mm.
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Rowan K (used product regularly)
Been using these for a year now, they've been solid. I tried the Kohla tips before and the elastic band just ripped on my first or second session with them. A low bar to improve upon, but I've had no issues with these. The black plastic clips come loose but tying a knot works just as well. I also used rivets from the hardware store (with a riveting tool) instead of the stock rivets, which has been bomb-proof. Maybe I should learn to sew.
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Page W (used product regularly)
I have used these on multiple sets of skins and they work great. You can tie a knot to set your stretch length and adjust it as the knot settles. A sewing awl definitely makes installation easier since it is hard to make holes large enough for the rivets. Also, the black plastic tips are a pain to install the first time.
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Question from Matt
I want to convert some black diamond glide lite skins to a tip attachment configuration for a Salomon Minim race ski do you recommend the Colltex race tips for this or would you recommend a different product?
Answer from jbo
Hi Matt, just about any race tip will work. This is a very cost effective kit for doing it, with a little more assembly required than the Kohla or Pomoca kits.
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