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Colltex Eco Skinproof

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Eco Skinproof is an environment-friendly skin-impregnation agent. If that doesn’t have you confused, nothing will. But don’t worry, usage is simple: point at your climbing skins and spray. The magic formula is effective against snow build-up and improves your glide. This is critical in spring and helpful in other seasons (except summer, when you’re skinning on rock and dirt). As a bonus, you don’t have to feel bad for spraying chemicals on your watershed since the formula uses biodegradable ingredients that earned it an “Eco” in the title. Waterproof your skins today with the Colltex Eco Skinproof. 125ml spray bottle.

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Comment from Hannah
I used this spray-on product so I could get a little more life out of my furry old skins that soaked up water like a sponge. Have only tried it one day since I sprayed it on and let the skins dry. It worked great. Not a drop of moisture in the skins despite snow so wet it made sucking noises. The glide was much improved also. I don't know how long the treatment will last but so far it lasted longer than glopstopper and worked much better. Spraying 3 coats on one set of skins used about 1/8 to 1/4 of the bottle. The bottle is finger-pumped, not aerosol.
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