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Nikwax Ski Skin Proof


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Nikwax has long been the industry leader in reviving outdoor clothing and preserving the integrity of high-tech fabrics. Turns out they can do the same for your climbing skins. The Ski Skin Wax uses similar chemicals to the Nikwax DWR (durable water repellent) treatments to add water-repellency directly to the fibers. This also means mucho glide in the spring when others are glomming. The skin wax is a liquid formula that is sponged on through a built-in tip applicator. It takes just a couple minutes at the trailhead and you’ll be glad you did. The Nikwax Ski Skin Proof aids in just about everything from grip and glide to reducing ice buildup and should always be in your gear bag.

  • Improves glide in any snow conditions, but it really shines in spring conditions or mid-winter Sierra cement
  • Sponge applicator makes it easier to saturate every fiber on the plush.
  • Water-based mixture is eco-friendly and biodegradable.

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