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Treat your climbing skins with a coat of magic mist and improve your experience in spring when snow is wavering between cold and wet. This quick-spray formula not only improves glide performance, but also helps prevent icing as you skin from shadow to sunlight and back. Spray, pray, and better enjoy your day. 300ml.

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Question from Ron
All this cold/wet snow combo in the Wasatch is bringing out the best in skin glopping, glomming, glomping on my Contour Hybrid skins. Any recommendations? Not having a lot of luck with BD Glop Stopper, haven't tried Nikwax or Contour spray products. Thanks!
Answer from Emmett I

This and the Nikwax would definitely help. You could also try hot waxing your skins, that will work better and last longer than just rubbing on the wax.
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