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Contour Mohair Guide Cut Skins

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Mohair skins from the mohair experts. As the first company to use mohair to make climbing skins, Contour knows its way around the barn. Coupled with attachments that know their way around your ski, the trim-to-fit Guide Cut skins are hard to beat. The fast mohair glide is a given. But with a thicker plush and backing than the competition, the grip and durability are also solid. Don't let bad skins drag you down-- glide up the skin track with the Contour Mohair Guide Cut Skins.

  • 100% Mohair plush is fast yet optimized for grip.
  • Interchangeable square metal clasps securely ride on your ski tips.
  • Simple adjustable tail clips help prevent peeling from the tails.
  • Durable backing and strong glue make for reliable climbing.

Please note the 115mm, 135mm, and 50mm options come with the tip and tail clips attached, while the 38mm width comes with just tip attachments. They all can be trimmed as necessary.

Update 2020/21: The trim of the skin at the tip is a more streamlined, straight cut.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Lisa STein
what size skin will work best with a ski that is 153 long and 84 wide?
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Lisa, thanks for reaching out! Do you happen to know the tail width of the ski? That's what we tend to base skin with off of, and we can find out if you let us know the brand and model of ski.
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Question from Scott
50mmx 210 work ok on 215s? Is there a useable 5cm in the tail strap? I have older 215cm Fischer e99s and want full skins. Might cover the edges a bit.... can they be trimmed? (I expect it would be difficult but if successful would they hold together)
Answer from Patrick C

Unfortunately 210cm is the maximum length for these skins, this includes the length of the tail.

Patrick // Skimo Co
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Question from shawn
110mm x 169-176cm Guide Cut Skins

are these the size for movement response x 169cm skis?
Answer from jbo
Hi Shawn, yes sir. I tested a pair against the Response and they will fit well.
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Question from Aaron
Are the Hybrid Universal version similar to the Guide Cut in terms of weight and pliability/foldability? I have a pair of the Guide Cut and they are really great.
Answer from jbo
Hi Aaron, the mohair mix version of the hybrid universal that we have in stock is a bit heavier and less pliable. That is often true of mohair vs mixes.
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Question from Aaron
Do you know if the 130mm would fit an Atomic Bentchetler (185cm)? Pomoca site has a ski/skin match guide and recommends 140mm. I don't care about wall-to-wall coverage on the rocker ends. I'd also be interested in the hybrid glue versions, if you have any in stock, or will get some in soon.
Answer from jbo
Hi Aaron, 130 is wide enough. It will give you full coverage in the tail which is the important part. Length only goes up to 184 which would be close. The Hybrid Universal kits go up to 195 which would work.
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Dan (used product a few times)
My first pair of 100% Mohair skins and I really them. The POMOCA CLIMB PRO GLIDE SKINS were good, but the Contours seem thinner, lighter and grip just as well. My only gripe is, the Contour tail clip doesn't fit as snug as the Pomoca tail clip.
Reply from Werner K
Hi Dan, please note 2 things: The strap needs to go through the last slit in the tailclip and there is a "SLIM" version available as a replacement part to work perfectly on thin skis. See a picture here.

Glad you like our products!
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Question from Mitch
Do you have these in 130mm x 185-190?
Answer from jbo
Hi Mitch, unfortunately not. These kits only go up to 184. We'll have some Contain mohair-mix hybrids in the near future that have a variable length and would be long enough, else I can suggest some skins off the roll.
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Question from afox
Do these have special hybrid glue technology?
Answer from jbo
Hi afox, these have the traditional glue. The new hybrids should be arriving within a month or so.
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Model: 100% Mohair Guide Cut

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