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Leave it to the mohair experts to solve mohair’s problems. Crossing from sun-affected snow into shaded snow is a sure way to experience hateful glomming on the bottom of you skins. Applying Contour skin wax is a sure way to prevent it. The 40g block of blue wax is a special paraffin blend specifically designed to keep your skins from icing up. It comes in a small plastic container that you can carry with you. Don’t leave home without it.

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Jamie Kilcoyne
Do you iron / melt skin wax onto skins? Or just rub it on. Can you provide any instructions for waxing skins and a recommendation for the best wax? I am looking for skin wax for the Grand Traverse and Power of Four skimo races. Thank you!
Answer from Jeff
Jamie, Good Question. You can just rub on, but it is difficult outside when it is cold. You can iron it on, but you need to be very careful of the temperature. Here is a great video on ironing skin wax
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