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It's best to embrace the times at hand and if you have to wear a mask, better make it comfortable to wear. Since our backcountry adventures generally demand higher output than our day-to-day activities, Crazy Idea has come up with a mask that works in both situations. Featuring a removable 3-layer internal filter, this mask will give you the ability to move air when you are exercising or insert the filter to be used for everyday outings. It even comes with a carrying bag to keep your new "must have" item clean. Another huge bonus - you can wash this mask! Mild soap with hot water followed up with an iron to renew water repellency and you're back in the game. Available in three sizes, Large for guys, Medium for women, and Small for the kids. The Crazy Idea Sport Mask Light is a safe and functional piece of PPE to use in the grocery store, or in the mountains.

  • Made out of necessity in Italy, the epicenter of the European pandemic.
  • A removable 3-layer internal filter allows for more breathability with high output activities.
  • Washable, which means you will have this mask for a while.
  • Quick-drying, breathable, 2-way stretch materials are comfortable and functional at the same time.
  • UPF 50+ keeps the sun from beating you up on those bluebird days.
  • Carrying bag with HeiQ HyProTecht treatment included.
  • Available in three sizes, Large for guys, Medium for women, and Small for the kids.
  • Adjustable nose wire for a customized fit.
  • Customized version here.

* Antimicrobial properties built-in to protect the product only. Product is not guaranteed to protect users or other people against disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.

convert to ounces
9g without removable filter
13g with removable filter
Materials   Lightweight 2 way stretch with HEIQ Hyprotecht treatment
Removable Filter 3 layers Propylene
Skimo Co Says
Notes Washable
UPF 50+
Storage bag also treated with HEIQ

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Questions & Reviews

Question from Paul L
Is the removable filter element itself washable/reusable or is it a consumable? If the latter, do you sell refills?
Answer from Brett S
Hey Paul, we do not sell the filter individually but you can hand wash them.
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Question from Jonathan S
Does the size Small really have a smaller face covering?
Or is it just that the attachment cord is shorter?
Asking for a (smaller) friend (who has to wear a mask every weekday starting this fall, oh dear), thanks!
(Never did I think that I'd be entrusting my daughter's health during a pandemic to the same manufacturer of my fake jeans race tights...)
Answer from jbo
Hi Jonathan, yes the covering is definitely smaller. The Small fits my 7 & 9 year olds well. They will be the coolest kids in class when paired with fake jeans!
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Model: Crazy Idea COVID Mask MPN: MSK-001

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