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Brett S

Brett S




6' 5"


98 lbs

Shoe Size

US 10.00

Skier Type

Type I - Cautious

Ski Frequency:

1 - 9 days / year

My Skiing

Still learning how to ski, but love being outside.

My Gear

None, I have yet to find a combo I like.

Recent Posts

Hey Merle, the binding should be adjusted to the manufacturer's specifications. Feel free to send a picture to and we can let you know whether you are within the manufacturer's specifications or not.
Hey Kenji, the specs have been verified and the weights adjusted to what we measured.
Hey Melody, it may be worth trying out either of the Palau race liners, which can be found here. Either 25.0 or 25.5 would work (the 25.5 would feel a little tighter than the 25.0 when put into the boot).
Hey Kevin, the spoiler is listed as being incompatible with the women's boot, sorry about that!
Hey Disco, these will fit over the cuff of the Zero-G Peak/related boots with no issue. All three cuffs are quite similar with some minor differences. The Acceleration pants don't have a "scuff guard" (area of reinforced material) to resist ski edges while both dynafit models do. Additionally, the Acceleration does not have a snow gator whereas both dynafit models do.

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