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DPS Powderworks Wailer 100RP Tour Ski


With the ski industry pouring countless dollars into product and material development, perfection is bound to be attained at some point. Could it be that we, mere mortals, are witnessing the holy golden age in ski engineering? Well, we don't know about all that, but DPS has certainly crafted a ski that will have you calling in sick perhaps more than we would advise. The Powderworks Wailer 100 RP might very well be the standard for freeride backcountry touring, with no expense spared in creating a ski that is light enough to hike for miles but which can be skied without hesitation, in both soft and variable snow conditions. DPS says, "never before have skis this lightweight exhibited this level of dampened feel and dynamic edge to edge power". After much deliberation and thought, we would tend to agree with them. Classic DPS shape and profile offers easy downhill performance, and an aerospace-grade lightweight foam core overlaid with an updated carbon laminate completes this frighteningly powerful ski. It has a full-length sidewall, too, giving this Powderworks product a feature regularly reserved for much heavier skis. Don't be shackled to the roadside touring options- with a light ski this powerful, you'll have the freedom to ski aggressively and to get deep into the backcountry under your own power.

Disclaimer: Don't email us when you lose your job after you call in 'sick' one too many times.

  • Aerospace quality foam makes up the very damp core of the ski, while a fresh carbon overlay improves torsional rigidity and a consistent flex pattern.
  • Full sidewall construction offers direct power transmission through the ski, and a low swing weight combined with the magic core makes for a snappy, lively ride.
  • With the same shaping as their 100RP Alchemist skis, DPS pulled off quite the magic trick by shedding significant weight while preserving downhill performance.
  • Uncompromised construction offers impressive specs while maintaining an uncanny power, not characteristic of a ski this light.

Update 2020/21: The Powderworks test project was called a success, and the core technology made its way into the Pagoda Tour series.

Lengths (cm) 163, 171, 179, 184
convert to ounces
1240g [163]
1370g [171]
1455g [179]
1530g [184]
Weight (pair) 2480g [163]
2740g [171]
2910g [179]
3060g [184]
Dimensions   131-100-116 [171]
Turn Radius   15m
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Generous tip and less generous tail rocker
Shape   RP. Refers to DPS legendary 15m sidecut
Construction   Futuristic innards with full sidewall construction and carbon laminates
Core   High strength aerospace foam
Skimo Co Says
Usage Crushing, in bounds and out
Notes Aerospace foam core is unlike any other ski
Bottom Line Quite possibly the future of touring skis
Compare to other High-fat Skis

Questions & Reviews

Question from Cade Pendleton
What’s the difference in technology between this ski and the new Pagoda Tour 100 RP?
Answer from Cole P
Hello Cade, thanks for reaching out. The Powderworks was using aspen and foam in the core where the Pagoda tour cores are foam, paulownia, and ash with an upper laminate of paulownia making it more stable.
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Question from colleen
Do you still have these available?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for the question, Colleen. These were a "one off" ski from DPS and have been sold out for the season. If you like the shape of the skis, check out the 100RP Alchemist skis (from DPS). Otherwise, definitely check back next season to see what the DPS skunkworks division cooks up!
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Question from Travis
DPS Powderworks Wailer 100RP Tour versus DPS Wailer 99 Tour1

Besides the spces, curious what your opinion would be on the main difference between these two skis? Trying to decide which one to go with...

Answer from TSB
Hey Travis, despite the similar waist widths these two DPS offerings are in fact quite different! The Wailer 99 was a powder-specific platform with copious tip and tail rocker, a super-short turn radius, and a soft flex -- a perfect plank for milking meadows of 5% blower. Meanwhile, the Powderworks 100 has less tail rocker, a longer turn radius, and a medium-stiff flex -- much more comfortable with charging down the hill in a variety of snow conditions. I'd steer toward the Wailer 99 if you're a longtime appreciator of the DPS Tour 1 line, and/or enjoy posting Instagram shots of your figure-eight tracks cast in golden afternoon light. The Powderworks 100 may be more your speed if you prefer blasting up and down, are familiar with snow conditions other than the heroic, and like a more traditional profile to your ski.
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Luke P (used product a few times)
Ridiculous Price? Yes
Ridiculous Ski? YES!
These are awesome. Put some Dynafit Superlite bindings w/o brakes and they are light! They are smooth in the skintrack. Added the binding adjustment plate on them so I can wear my Hojis or my TLT7s. I had a blast with them on my first day out at Berthoud Pass. They float through the powder like surf boards. Turn on a dime. Did good in crusty wind blown junk. Haven’t been on any hardpack or ice with them yet. Definitely the best touring setup I’ve owned.
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Model: Powderworks Wailer 100RP Tour

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