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Manufactured by Pomoca, the Dynafit race skins feature an easy-to-grip rubber tip for hassle-free application and removal. The race skins are 59mm wide and ~161cm in length, but racers usually trim off the back 10-15cm. The plush is 100% mohair that has been treated to be extra glide-y.

  • Waterproof membrane between fur and glue keeps your skin sticky.
  • Water-repellent treatment reduces snow build-up.
  • Special finish enhances the glide of the fur.
  • Careful material choice offers excellent climbing and abrasion resistance.
  • Precut skin for the DNA, Mezzalama, and PDG race skis.

Update 2024/25: Same great skins, now with a jazzy new pink plush.

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Weight (pair) 256g
Materials   Mohair

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Questions & Reviews

Question from David Hochschartner
I have first generation PDG skis (black top sheet and sketch of PDG course). They are 161cm, and a profile of 99-65-80. So, will these race skins be comparable to my old, and tired speedskins?
Answer from Jeff
All race skins are pretty much the same shape, interchangeable. These will have the same Dynafit rubber tip. So yes, will work fine.
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Question from Robert B
Since both are manufactured by Pomoca as race skins... How do these compare to the Pomoca Race Pro 2.0?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Robert,

They are the same plush, but the Pomoca Race Pro 2.0 uses a different glide treatment which may be slightly faster. The other difference is the glue. The Dynafit race skins use the European glue formula which is slightly less sticky than Pomoca's North American glue formula found in the Race Pro 2.0 skins. So for a slightly easier to rip skin, go for the Dynafit - for a stickier skin, the Race Pro 2.0 will hold on a little more.
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Question from Danny
I'm skiing with the dynafit 174 7summits. Will they fit ? Looking to buy a new set of skins but can't find the replacement anywhere. thanks
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Danny,

No, these would not be the right choice for your skis. They are a straight cut race skin cut to 59mm - you will have a very hard time side-hilling with such a narrow skin. But if you email us (, we can help you put together a Pomoca skin build for a good price that will have the Dynafit tip attachment and work just as well!
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Question from Florentine
Can I use these skins on my Mezzalama 153 ski’s? All the Pomoca precut skins I can find are tailored to the 161cm.
Answer from jbo
Hi Florentine, you can use either these or the Pomocas, just need to trim the ends to your desired length (generally 10-15cm short of the tail).
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Question from Darren
Will these skins work for my PDG 161cm skis? Thanks for the help.
Answer from jbo
Hi Darren, they sure do!
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Question from joe
do these attach to the atomic backland 65 (2019) version? Just want to make sure the tip notch is wide enough.
Answer from Will M
Hey Joe,

Great question, these will work well with the Atomic Backland 65!
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Question from Shaun Sutner
Is there a used pair for sale? If so, I'd like to buy as a backup, thanks!
Answer from jbo
Hi Shaun, sadly we have no used pairs, but you could look at getting some material off the roll for a cheap backup.
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Question from Elliot S
Are these skins compatible with the Dynastar Pierra Menta skis?
Answer from jbo
Hi Elliot, if you have the version of the PM with a single, centered tip notch, then yes! If you have an earlier version with two slits on either side of the tip, then sadly, no.
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Karl (downright abused product)
If a ski can't accept this type front tab, I'm not buying it! As my first pair of "racing" skins, I bought these to pair with my PDG skis and boots mostly to skin up Northern AZ's downhill mountain for exercise. Also have used them in a couple ski mo races in NM.
They have great grip on all but the steepest slopes on our mountain, even on the frozen tilled man made snow ice we've had for a month. The steeps are steeper than anything the route setters put us on in the intro to racing I had at Santa Fe/Taos, so it doesn't worry me much. They never slipped in the non groomer off resort tracks during the events.
They did ice up during the race. A woman skiing with me with similar "skin failure" (her term not mine as the condition was fixable) showed me how to scrape the glue side against the metal edges to de-ice them and it worked well. Likely user error on my part as it was my first time taking them off and on several times.
They also rip off quite well. Getting quite happy and lazy not having to take my skis off to take skins off. Transitions during dawn patrol are fast enough that I only put on a jacket at the top if I'm with slower buddies who need more time for transitioning. The tip is super solid and I feel confident pulling these off.
The glue sticks well but The skin comes off quite easy too which is a nice ability to have.
Speed? I need more experience. Coming from Nordic skiing, they may always feel slow compared to even a good waxless, or even klister waxed base. Compared do the pair of Black Diamond nylon skins I had prior, undoubtedly faster! I'll need to ski more race type skins before I comment on that. I would like to find more speed, but having this much bomber grip is a wet dream in classic kicking so I'm happy with the compromise for now.
Warning though....don't try to rip the skins off while having probably too much pressure on the ski while standing on your carpet when you just get the skins and are stoked to "try them out" ;-). You might see some white mohair fuzz on your carpet. Totally user error!
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Question from Val
Could you tell if this "DYNAFIT SPEEDSKIN RACE READY" is a pair for two skis or should I order two pcs of "DYNAFIT SPEEDSKIN RACE READY" for each ski?
Many thanks in advance!
Answer from jbo
Hi val, the skins are sold in pairs, so a Qty of 1 will cover both your skis.
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Jonathan S (used product regularly)
Overall: Five Stars for a race skin with my favorite tip attachment system, good glue, the usual 100% mohair plush, and a relatively stiff laminate that allows for clean deskinning.

Background on product familiarity: I’ve used a pair of the 2013-14 skins, for both training and racing. Mine have white plush, with a backing that features both Pomoca and the Dynafit Snow Leopard logo (both owned by Salewa). I’ve seen some etailer pictures with a black plush, but I don’t know if that’s an older or newer version. I’ve also used half a dozen or so other pairs of mohair race skins, although mainly various close-out models or black unidentifiable mohair of somewhat mysterious origins.

First, the first impressions out of the box: The glue is quite tacky for a race skin. For a pure mohair skin, the laminate is relatively stiff, and the plush fibers seem relatively short. But even though some other skins used by a buddy have felt more luxurious because of longer fibers, they seemed to be slower.

The rubber tip is sensibly just sewn in place (unlike the unnecessary plastic “tip plate” receptacle on Dynafit’s touring skins). And the tail sensibly lacks any tail clip that would just go to waste when you cut it off for racing. The dimensions are 59mm by 156cm, so you might want to start with them full length while breaking them into during training, then trim them however short you dare for racing. (I’ve heard anywhere from 8 to 10 inches back from the tail as a range for typical race course layouts.) And remember to round off the corners (as any right angles are more prone to peeling back).

Second impressions, in use: The rubber tip is brilliant simplicity, with a more secure grab for deskinning over various bungee-based tip attachments. I’ve used them on three different race skis, and I’ve used Dynafit rubber tips on two other touring setups – by far my favorite system. I’ve sewn other Dynafit rubber tips onto many other brands of race skins.

The glue has performed well, and although I haven’t yet experienced a wider range of temperature and snow conditions extremes with them, I expect them to keep doing well given the tackiness.

I absolute love the relatively stiff laminate for clean and fast “rips” at transitions. Probably helps to prevent tail curling/unfurling too.
Grip seems typical for a straight mohair race skin.

So now for the big issues: just how fast are they? I have trouble trying to distinguish among different models of mohair races skins. Three of us have tried some tests swapping our various skins back and forth, with one skin on one ski and one on another. Typically we come up with three different opinions, i.e., one faster, the other faster, and can’t tell. Add to that the potential variances in a natural product across different batches of the same model, plus the potential variances across different temperature and snow conditions, and I have even more excuses for ducking the central question.

Third impressions, for long-term durability: All pure mohair skins are expendable, eventually shedding their plush fibers to past the optimal glide stage in their life to becoming too slow as you’re trying to glide on large sections of bare laminate.

As for the rubber tips, on my Manaslu skins that have over 300,000 vertical feet, still no signs of cracks or tears. And ditto for the many other tips I’ve retrofitted onto various mohair race skins with lots of use, with some tips even on their second pair of skins.
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Jeremy (used product regularly)
These skins are awesome. If you plan to race with them, buy two pair and put a bunch of miles or vertical on them prior to racing. The glide difference between these skins new and these skins sufficiently broken-in is amazing and substantial. If you race long enough, you're bound to lose a skin mid-race and my disappointment usually lies not in screwing up that particular race performance, but in losing a well-used Dynafit skin. You buy new and you feel slow. I skinned with two pair of these pretty hard last year and I expect to replace one pair to make it through this season. Consistent pretty much demands a new skin (of this type) each year.

These skins are reasonably durable, (not at all in the same league as a nylon Black Diamond skin) but because these are mohair they are not as water repellant as nylon skins and therefore they are little more subject to 'soaking' or icing up if you don't manage them well or prep appropriately with skin wax. It's a fine line on gauging when these need replaced. Once they hit the perfect gliding stage with them, they will probably stay in that shape for about 2 months of hard and regular skinning. After that they do get a little thin and floppy and tend to soak up water pretty easily and ice over. They glide well, but get harder to manage. I had heard horror stories about the glue on these being much less tacky than Black Diamond's Gold Label. While it doesn't feel as tacky to the touch, these skins adhere well and I've not had any problems with adhesion as long as I'm managing them correctly by keeping them warm when not on the ski and keeping my bases free of snow when applying.
Reply from Jonathan S
About how much vertical do you estimate to get them reasonably fast?
Reply from Jeremy
I'd say 15-20K or a nice 15-20 miles of touring does a pretty good job. I've found that skiing them downhill for a few thousand vertical speeds up the process considerably. Especially on hard-packed or groomed snow.
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