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Dynafit First Track T-Shirt


The Dynafit First Tracks Tee might look like a standard 100% cotton short-sleeve t-shirt designed for apres-ski mode. However, it’s actually been carefully designed to function as Dynafit’s first ever recovery garment. The cotton construction ensures comfort while your heart rate is down and your feet are up. The fit is perfectly trimmed to not impede the natural expansion of an overstuffed belly. The sleeves have been cut and positioned to accommodate the second most common skier arm-movement: double fisting a hamburger and a drink. The First Tracks T-Shirt is perfect for spring tours, summer parties, and dreaming about powder.

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Question from Timothy c
What shirts are available thanks
Answer from Trace Leches
Hi Tim. Open up the drop down menu to the right of the main picture and it'll show you which colors and sizes are available.
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Model: First Track M S/S Tee

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