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Did you know that the old adage, "You lose half your body heat through your head" is a myth? The truth is that your head accounts for roughly 7% of your body's surface area, and a proportional 7-10% of your body heat is lost there. Don't sweat your life away while skinning in an over-insulated wool beanie or thick ski helmet-- ditch the heavyweight headgear and instead wear the never-looked-better Dynafit Graphic Headband. Each graphic looks so good even your mom will approve, and as an added bonus, headbands don't leave you with heinous hat hair at the end of the day! The ultimate win-win.

  • Skimo Syndicate styles available, join now!
  • Lightweight wind resistance keeps you protected (but not too warm).
  • Stretchy moisture wicking fabric is soft and cozy on your ears.
  • 80% Polyester, 20% Lycra.

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Questions & Reviews

Tom F (used product a few times)
Purchased the "frost" color. It is a little darker in person than it appears in the picture.

Really like the width of this headband. I did have to stretch it out a bit to fit more comfortably. Great as a lighter weight option for when temps are warming, but your forehead still gets cold under a helmet.
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Noah D (used product a few times)
Holy smokes this looks good! The Flouro Pink is hella Flouro and looks phenomenal. The headband is incredibly thin and light. It has a nice stretch that stays in place without giving you a big ole headache. It does a nice job of keeping sweat out of your eyes and also letting people know you #skimo. Not the warmest thing on the way down but you can deal!
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