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Dynafit Performance Dry Slim Headband


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The Dynafit Performance Dry Slim Headband is to headwear what a Speedo is to regular swimming trunks. Covering just the “bare essentials,” this slim and stretchy little headband will take care of wind-blocking duties and keep the sweat from dripping into your eyes. With its exceptionally scant weight, even Descartes would have trouble thinking of a reason not to bring it along. For covering the bare essentials and not much else, throw on the Performance Dry Slim Headband.

  • Wicking and Wind Resistant.
  • Race weight of only 11 grams.

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WasatchMcQuack (downright abused product)
It's just a headband, right? Well, this thing has taken some serious sweat from me and a ton of washing and after 2 years is still like brand new. It keeps you just warm enough on the ears and head while letting the rest of my thick head and hair breath.
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Model: Dynafit Performance Dry Slim Headband

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