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Sometimes written as the Se7en Summit, this affordable combination of new and old school design is a workhorse in spring conditions. While Dynafit has had a ski with this name for some time, this year’s model incorporates technology from the high-end Cho Oyu / Nanga Parbat / Denali line of skis. In light of the inclusion of flex-tips, micro-sidewalls, carbon-stringers, and the triple radius shape with a scoop rocker, it’s natural to wonder why the ski is less expensive than the others. While we don’t have a full explanation, the ski does weigh a bit more per square centimeter of surface area, which indicates the use of less carbon fiber and more wood. That doesn’t account for the whole difference in price, so we’ll just assume the rest is a clerical error to your benefit. Since Dynafit often misprints the ‘v’ as a ‘7’ in Seven Summits, that story seems consistent.

  • Triple radius design is longer in the front, allowing you to customize turns with a weight shift.
  • Scoop rocker with 3D flex tip absorbs uneven terrain so your legs don’t have to.
  • Stringers made of carbon run the length of the ski, transmuting weight into rigidity.
  • Pintail make the skis easier to slip into ski carry loops on backpack so equipped.
  • Micro sidewalls are deeper than they are tall, making them more resistant to blowouts.
Lengths (cm) 171, 179
convert to ounces
1270g [171]
1340g [179]
Weight (pair) 2540g [171]
2680g [179]
Sidecut   116-82-103 [171]
117-83-104 [179]
Turn Radius   19.5/17.0 [171]
21.5/18.5 [179]
Skin Fix   Tip notch, flat tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   330mm tip rocker, camber, 130mm tail rocker
Shape   Triple radius, fish tip, pintail
Construction   Micro sidewall, carbon stringer, 3D flex tip
Core   Wood
Skimo Co Says
Usage Classic mountaineering
Notes Pin tails ease pack insertion
Bottom Line High end construction at a cheaper price
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Doug
Will skins from the original Dynafit Seven Summits fit these skiis?
Answer from jbo
Hi Doug, the first ski called the 7 summits came in different lengths than this one, so the fit won't be exact. We're happy to build you some skins though! We have the Dynafit tips and plenty of material and tail clips.
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lance j (used product regularly)
I spent last year getting to know and really like the 7Summits. It is a light, versatile ski that does a great job at a lot of things. While I loved it on a few inches of new fresh, anything deeper than 4-5 inches made me wish I had something bigger underfoot. If you're resort/sidecountry skiing and end up coming down a groomed corduroy trail that's been eaten up all day keep your speed under check and make lots of turns, the tip of this ski will chatter like a hipster on a coffee high.

When the snow is consolidated and you're making laps in variable conditions - slushy corn, breakable crust, even the odd bit of ice (great edge hold, but big patches of re-frozen get that springy tip bouncing around) - this is a great ski. It's a nice compliment to something in the (roughly) 100 to 110 range that you can use when the snow is more pristine.
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Question from Mark Plante
I am looking for a light ski to complement my DPS Wailer 112 that is good for spring conditions. Is the Dynafit Seven Summits a good choice or do you have other recommendations?

I also have a question on bindings? Is the Dynafit Speed Superlite strong enough to handle mid-fat skis or should I go with the Radical Speed bindings?

Thank you for your time and help.
Answer from jbo
Hi Mark, indeed, this is the time of year when the Seven Summit starts to shine. Nimble waist and radius, with a gentle rocker to help in variable conditions. The Superlites work great on those skis; if you're okay with no flat mode, you can save a lot of weight versus the Radicals. You can use our binding finder if you want a more personalized recommendation.
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Model: Se7en Summit 2.0

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