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Elan Ibex 84 Carbon Ski - Women


The Elan Ibex 84W ski is built specifically for the slaydies, the gals who are full-time backcountry fiends. In that role, the Women's Ibex performs exceedingly well. Rather than simply 'pinking and shrinking' a ski built for heavier (male) skiers, Elan took into account their desired market and tailored the core construction (and therefore the flex pattern) for lighter-weight skiers. Many women-specific skis feel stiff and unresponsive due to their core construction, which is oftentimes designed with a flex pattern for heavier skiers. Well, Elan wasn't having any of that too-stiff ski nonsense, so they got out their calculators, punched some numbers, and altered the material ratios and dimensions specifically for lighter skiers. Elan used all their usual magic designs, like the Tubelite Woodcore, which provides dampening and consistency by placing denser wood on the edges and more flexible wood in the core. Vapor inserts in the midsection have dampening properties so you have a smooth ride, even at higher speeds. The Elan Ibex 84 Carbon is an energetic and dependable women's ski that can be skied fast and hard, near to or far from the road. With all these cool features and a unique womens specific build, what are you waiting for?

  • Realizing that the core needs to be stable and durable, Elan came up with their Bridge Tech, which securely bonds the materials together.
  • Vapor inserts sit underfoot and extend in front of and behind the mounting area, stabilizing the ride and keeping weight low.
  • The Ibex is a lightweight, snappy and stable carbon ski which flexes smoothly and easily, great for lighter skiers.
  • Tip notches can be used for a simple skin attachment that skimo racers will find familiar and functional.
  • Elan's stable underfoot Vapor Inserts provide stability that you'll love, no matter the conditions.
  • A slight ridge down the middle of the ski helps to shed snow, keeping your load light.

Lengths (cm) 149, 156, 163, 170
convert to ounces
1060g [149]
1175g [156]
1205g [163]
Weight (pair) 2120g [149]
2350g [156]
2410g [163]
Sidecut   120-84-105
Turn Radius   15.5m [149]
16.5m [156]
17.5m [163]
18.5m [170]
Skin Fix   Tapered semi-notched tip, flat notched tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   Mountain Rocker, camber underfoot
Shape   Smooth medium radius
Construction   Bridge Tech cap
Core   TubeLite Wood core with Carbon rods
Skimo Co Says
Usage Ski touring, travelling far into the wild
Notes Unique internal carbon rods give the ski a smooth and intuitive flex pattern
Bottom Line A playful ski built from the ground up for lighter skiers
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Christof Stork
Will Dynafit skins work with the semi-notched tip of this ski?
Answer from jbo
Hi Christof, the rubber sticks don't seat all that well in the shallow groove, you need to get the tension just right if you're building a skin. A Pomoca-style bungee system works better with the rectangular stopper piece.
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Model: Ibex 84W Carbon MPN: ADMFJH19

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