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We were all new to backcountry skiing at some point. If for you that day is on the horizon, the Atomic Backland Sport boot should be on your shortlist of new gear. Well priced and well built, this boot can get you out there as you begin a new chapter of your adventurous life. With a range of motion that covers 74°, the walk mode is smooth and non-restrictive. An Energy Backbone construction turns that great walk mode into a decent downhill performer. If you want a little more performance from your boot you can swap out the original soft tongue for a stiffer version. The Memory Fit 3D liner is comfortable, performance-oriented, and possibly best of all, it's washable! The two-buckle design saves on weight and does not shy away from big days. Perfect for the junior explorer, this boot is available in smaller sizes and offers a weight-conscious option to all. Save some coin, save some weight and be sure to save plenty of days to play in the mountains with your Atomic Backland Sport boot.

  • Energy Backbone construction lets you rip the down after a beautiful climb.
  • Range of motion is a crazy 74° so nothing will stop you from strutting up the skin track.
  • Memory Fit 3D liner is comfortable, breathable, and washable to keep your feet happy tour after tour.
  • Weight conscious build puts this boot in a unique category of price and performance.
  • Optional stiff tongue can be swapped for the original soft tongue.
convert to ounces
1207g [26/26.5]
Weight (pair) 2414g [26/26.5]
Buckles   2
Boot Sole Length   248mm [22/22.5]
258mm [23/23.5]
268mm [24/24.5]
278mm [25/25.5]
288mm [26/26.5]
298mm [27/27.5]
Binding Compatibility   Tech only
Cuff Rotation   74°
Forward Lean(s)   13°
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   Polyurethane
Liner   Memory Fit 3D
Sole   Rubber
Skimo Co Says
Usage Casual ski touring
Notes Smaller sizes perfect for juniors
Bottom Line Comfortable entry-level boot
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Zoe
I'm a women, and I'm deciding between this pair and the Hawx Ultra 95. My feet are a size 22.5 and a last of around 98, and I have relatively low-volume feet. I'm petite and new to touring. Which pair would you recommend, please? (I'm more excited about the hiking part, but also don't want the skiing part to be miserable)
Answer from Niko M
Hi Zoe! Sounds like your foot shape is an excellent candidate for this boot as these accommodate a low volume fit well. Being that you are more excited for the uphill, these would be the better boot. With an impressive range of motion and a lightweight build, they are quite efficient on the up. That’s not to say the Hawx isn’t a good boot, but it won’t offer the same ease of walking as the Atomic Backland Sport. If you’d like, send us an email at to go further into the details. Thanks!
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Question from Ben
I'm seeing conflicting information on suggestions to size up or down with these boots. I wear US Mens 7.5 shoes most often and measure the peak length of my feet at 25.5 cm. I'm currently skiing Garmont Radiums in 26.5 Mondo with room to spare length wise. I'm thinking I want to downsize to the 25/25.5 size with these since I will have less ability to tighten the fit without all four buckles. Is this a good or bad idea based on how these fit?
Answer from Gabriel I
Hi Ben, these fit pretty true to size. If you measure 25.5cm, the 25/25.5 size would be the best bet. That said, they are a skinnier boot than your Garmont Radiums by a fair bit. If your 26.5 Radiums are comfortable in width and volume, these Backlands may not offer enough room. Please feel free to reach out to or fill out our Boot Fitter if you'd like to discuss fit in more detail!
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Question from Jeremy
What are some of the bindings that work well with this boot and are compatible?
Answer from Will M
Hey Jeremy,

I think something in the "race" or "lean" category would be the most appropriate for this boot. If you want to talk more about specific features you're looking for or binding compatibility, you can always shoot us an email at!
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Question from Fedor F
These boots have a rather narrow last and I would like to stretch them wider. Can you tell how well the plastic of these boots stretches when heated? Do they hold stretching well or they shrink back after some time?
Answer from Ian C
Hi Fedor, thank you for your question. You are in luck--they stretch well when heated and should hold their shape over time.
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Question from Owen
Can you change the tongue to hard tongue?
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Owen. It doesn't come with the harder tongue, however, they can be swapped out. The harder tongues are available here. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from Nicholas VanHorn
Is the lower of this boot the same lower as the backland ultimate?
Answer from Julieana
Hey Nicholas, they are not the same. They are shaped differently and also are made of different materials. If you'd like a more detailed comparison of the two, feel free to email us at
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Question from Todd
Is this boot suitable for women? Thanks.
Answer from Brett S
Thanks for your question, Todd. This boot is acceptable for women, however, please keep in mind that as a "unisex" boot it will have a slightly taller cuff and less room for larger calves. Please let us know if you have any other questions!
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Question from Patrick
How is the warmth and plushness of this liner compared to other liners in the backland range?
Answer from Will M
Hey Patrick,

Great question! This liner is similar in weight and warmth as others in this range (minus the Backland Ultimate (much thinner liner for racing). I personally ski the Backland Carbon and find the liner to be pretty average in terms of warmth. However, that is pretty dependent upon each person!
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