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Faction Alpine Touring Skis

An independent mash-up of skiers, photographers, videographers, artists and engineers, The Faction group is at the forefront of freeride and all-mountain skiing. Expanding their repertoire to include backcountry specific skis Faction continues its legacy of ingenuity in this realm of the ski world. Faction understands that a legacy is built through a collective effort, a collaboration of ideas from a multitude of perspectives. The end result is an ever-evolving approach to creating the most fun and highest performing skis on the market.

Faction La Machine Micro Ski
With a product portfolio that includes a “Supreme Roller Skate Split Monoboard,” it’s clear that Faction isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo. So, when Faction created a low 90’s underfoot ski with free-skiing spirit, we couldn’t feign too much surpri..
$848.95 $594.26
Faction La Machine Mini Ski
Built to make all the other skis in your quiver jealous, the Faction La Machine Mini has a quiver-killer mentality with a penchant for all snow types. Thanks in part to its healthy rocker profile, the Mini can effortlessly pivot on-demand, allowing you to..
$898.95 $674.21
Faction La Machine Mega Ski
It may come as no surprise, but there aren’t many groomers in the backcountry. While this sentence appears to be silly at first glance, many manufacturers seem to design their backcountry skis to excel in the front country, not the backcountry. Combating ..
$948.95 $711.71
Faction Precut Skins
If you find yourself the proud new owner of La Machine skis from Faction and are looking to unleash the uphill potential of those very same skis, look no further. These precut climbing skins are made to perfectly mate with your La Machine skis, sorta like..

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