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It may come as no surprise, but there aren’t many groomers in the backcountry. While this sentence appears to be silly at first glance, many manufacturers seem to design their backcountry skis to excel in the front country, not the backcountry. Combating this silly trend is Faction, who with the La Machine Mega, has created a ski made to excel off-piste, not on it. The Mega is a soft snow-oriented beast that is happy whether you find yourself in steep and deep trees, fast runouts, or billy-goating through rocks to get to the entrance of your favorite chute. This off-piste shrewdness can be attributed to the minimal camber and healthy rocker profile of the Mega, which encourages slashing, slarving, and effortlessly pivoting between obstacles. With the environmental crisis that we are facing, Faction, with their use of biobased resigns, sustainable wood cores, and durable construction, is doing as much as possible to mitigate their impact. For a soft-snow ski that has an emphasis on maneuverability and fun, you’d be best to grab the La Machine Mega.

  • Austrian construction is built with an emphasis on durability, increasing the useable lifespan of the ski.
  • Biobased resin is kinder for the environment than traditional resin.
  • Faction recycles scrap base, sidewall, and top sheet material.
  • Full Carbon Layers help keep things light on the up.
  • Made with 100% renewable energy.
Lengths (cm) 172, 178, 184
convert to ounces
1460g [172]
1520g [178]
1610g [184]
Weight (pair) 2920g [172]
3040g [178]
3220g [184]
Dimensions   132-109-126 [All sizes]
Turn Radius   19m [172]
20m [178]
21m [184]
Skin Fix   Round tip and tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   tip rocker, minimal camber, tail rocker
Shape   Elliptical sidecut
Construction   Full strength sidewall, carbon layers, mustache flex
Core   Paulownia wood core
Skimo Co Says
Usage Powder laps
Notes Mustache flex gives support just in front and behind the binding area with progressively softer towards tip and tail
Bottom Line Smearing and slashing powder eater
Compare to other Excess-fat Skis

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Questions & Reviews

Question from thomc
Curious how you compare these to Black Crows Corvus Freebird, or Navis Freebird, if anyone has skied both or all three.
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Thomc,

I've owned the Navis Freebird and I skied the La Machine Mega at a demo this year! They are pretty different skis. The La Machine is a bit lighter despite being bigger. It is much more rockered than the Navis, and a straighter shape. The Navis Freebird is shaped more like a mountaineering ski, but blown up to powder ski proportions - the La Machine is much more like a modern freeride ski that went on a diet.

Overall, the La Machine scrubs speed and holds out drifts much easier than the Navis, and I think it's more stable. The Navis skis like a cambered ski - needs more deliberate weight transfer and more input, and wants to ski its sidecut more.

I have not skied the Corvus, so can't comment there, but objectively the Corvus is the biggest, heaviest, and stiffest of the three. It is a directional charger.
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Reed (downright abused product)
I toured on these all season long in the Wasatch last season and I will use them again this season. They rip. They float very well and handle whatever I throw at them. Whether rappelling down the NW couloir of the Pfiefferhorn, or blasting hard down superior, these skis are surfy and charge hard. Stoked on the La Machine Megas!
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Question from Quinten B
Curious on Skimco's comparison on how this ski will compare to the Atomic Backland 107 182cm. I am currently on the backland 107 182cm and have enjoyed them. However, these keeps catching my eye and have made me Faction curious...if you know what I mean. Any insight would be much appreciated.
Answer from Emmett I

These are a very unique ski! They're damper and less energetic than the backland, and take a bit more effort to turn. At speed they were very fun, I felt like they were a bit boaty at slower speeds.
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Question from Hayden
Any updates on the rocker profile for these? Really curious if this is a true, de-cambered ski or just a rocker/camber mix.
Answer from Emmett I

There is in fact a bit of camber to it. Here's a photo.
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Question from Phil B
Do you guys have these in the shop yet? 184
Answer from Teddy Young
Not yet! We're hoping to see them mid-November, let us know if you'd like us to set up an email notification for you!
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Question from Travis
How would this compare to a DPS Pagoda Tour 106 in terms of stiffness. Is it softer? My Pagoda Tours like to lock into longer turns, will these ski release faster? How do you think the rocker profile will ski on a supportable crust or harder snow? The full sidewall is encouraging, thinking the flat camber might still work, but not deliver as much energy as something with camber. Kinda intrigued to be honest. Especially as I know how picky you are about what “fat” skis you sell.
Answer from Cole P
Hey Travis, the Mega is pretty close in stiffness compared to the Pagoda 106 and has pretty close turning radiuses so they will want to ski similar turns. Since the Megas have a bit more tail rocker they will release easier than the Pagodas. Being they are a flat ski they won't have the energy some cambered skis can bring, but we never thought the Pagoda 106 had that energy either since it's so damp. During testing, we enjoyed them so much that we had to bring them on.
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Question from Anthony O
Do you guys have any photos of a side view to see the rocker profile? I'm curious if these are more true banana like a 4frnt renegade, or more like a v werks katana or 4frnt Raven which are more flat without super extreme rockers even though the rocker does extend quite far.
Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Anthony! Unfortunately, there are not any side view images available, and we haven't actually received these skis yet to get an idea of the profile. Hopefully we'll be getting these in October!
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