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Built to make all the other skis in your quiver jealous, the Faction La Machine Mini has a quiver-killer mentality with a penchant for all snow types. Thanks in part to its healthy rocker profile, the Mini can effortlessly pivot on-demand, allowing you to shut things down on a moment's notice if things get too rowdy. With its moderate girth (width), the oh-so-versatile Mini is prepared to handle both inadvertently found sastrugi or blower pow. Faction has put an emphasis on environmental responsibility lately, which starts with the creation of a durable product that can last season after season. With their made-in-Austria vibes, we think they’ve nailed it. When you're having a hard time deciding on which ski to grab for the next day, reach for the quick-turning, playful Faction La Machine Mini.

  • Faction recycles scrap base, sidewall, and top sheet material, helping find a use for material that would have been discarded.
  • Austrian construction is durable and made to go season after season.
  • Full Carbon Layers ups performance and decreases unnecessary weight.
  • Biobased resin lessens the environmental footprint of the ski.
  • Made with 100% renewable energy.
Lengths (cm) 164, 171, 177, 183
convert to ounces
1325g [164]
1425g [171]
1455g [177]
1490g [183]
Weight (pair) 2650g [164]
2850g [171]
2910g [177]
2980g [183]
Dimensions   124-99-116 [All sizes]
Turn Radius   17m [164]
18m [171]
19m [177]
20m [183]
Skin Fix   Round tip and tail
Specs Verified Yes
Profile   tip rocker, minimal camber, tail rocker
Shape   Ellipical sidecut
Construction   Full strength sidewall, carbon layers, mustache flex
Core   Paulownia wood core
Skimo Co Says
Usage Freeride touring, all conditions
Notes Backed by the finest Austrian construction
Bottom Line Ultra rockered shape allows easy smearing
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Questions & Reviews

Question from Nico
I’ve read reviews of the 22/23 version that differs from what I’m reading here. Have changed the skis?
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Nico,

The skis have not been changed - however, initially it was anticipated that these were going to be a full-rocker/flat underfoot ski. This turned out not to be the case - they have light camber underfoot, although they are still heavily rockered. But this has been the case since we first received the skis, and our on-snow impressions are based on the skis with the light camber that they have as production models.

If you want to know more about these skis, feel free to shoot us an email at and we can dive into more specifics!
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Question from Mikko
How would you compare the La Machine Mini to the Elan Ripstick Tour 94? They both seem agile and playfull.
Answer from Lrow
Hi Mikko,

I love both skis but they're very unique in their own rights; the Faction Mini can be more forgiving in general. With rocker in the tip and tail it will help maneuvering out of a turn completely at your command. I ended up buying one myself because I wanted a ski that could do everything well.

The Elans tend to be stiffer in general with their carbon stringers running through the core, making it torsionally very stiff. Since it is stiffer, and has a bit flatter tail, the Elans tend to be a ski that performs best when you're really driving it and leaning into turns.

Both are agile and very maneuverable, but the Faction is a friendlier ski for all around conditions where the Elans tend to need a little more input.
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Question from Rick
Howdy! Looking at this ski vs the dps pagoda tour 100 as a quiver of one for a few years in the San Juan’s Colorado. They’d be my first backcountry ski! Would you recommend one vs the other in terms of better all around and easier to get along with for a beginner (advanced resort skier)
Answer from Emmett I

Shoot us an email at and we can get you more personalized advice!

In general, both would be fairly easy to get along with, depending on your skiing style.
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Question from Tjaard B
How do you think this compares to the Locator 96?
Both seem to have a fair bit of tail rocker (for a <100 mm ski).
Wondering if it would be worthwhile to replace my (120 lbs) daughter’s Tracer 88, to give her some easier skiing in low angle, tight trees with deep powder, without adding to much weight or width on the uphill.
Answer from Carlos M
Hi Tjaard, I think there will be a noticeable difference in powder going from the 88 to either of the skis you're considering. The Faction has a longer tip rocker and significantly more tail rocker than the Locator 96, so I would lean that way if you'd like something easier to slarve and turn sideways in deeper snow. The Faction is also a fairly stout ski so I would definitely not go larger than the 164cm. If you'd like to discuss further feel free to email!
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Anthony O (used product a few times)
I really wanted to hate this ski because of the added camber (the original design was entirely flat base/subtle reverse camber). Volkl has shown for years that reverse camber is viable in all conditions-with the legendary BMT series and the Katana v werks.
Subtle reverse camber+ straight shaped ski (high turn radius) is just a winning combination all around. You still get edge contact, but the ski that can still charge massive turns down the fall line also becomes easily maneuverable and predictable in tight spaces.

Anyway, this ski isn't a return of the BMT 94. It isn't as damp, isn't as stable in longer turns, and isn't quite as slippery manueverable. But it's close. And it can take any bindings, can be sized down because of the camber, and has a better width. the ski seems pretty durable and well made. It's not a v werks, but it's half the cost. It's about as light as I want in a ski, skis lighter than it tend to deflect easier instead of having some material mass help move heavier snow around. They also track better through mank. They ski super intuitively i think mostly due to the rocker profile in conjuction with moderate stiffness and straight shape. They arent super stiff, but they have a backbone. Bottom line, faction cares more about skiing than uphill, and this is evident in a good way. This is the lightest ski I'd want that still makes skiing fun in a variety of conditions rather than just the best conditions. It's also easily skied with a weenie boot, but also wouldn't be overpowered by a beef boot.

So TLDR, the la machine series isn't the BMT reincarnated which would be the best option, but they are solid skis that I would recommend to someone who cares about skiing. They feel predictable, they ski well, aren't crazy expensive, and are well made. If the performance of a bmt 94/109 is 10/10, this is a 7-8/10 which considering the cost and availability of bmts, is pretty good.

Faction I'm still mad that you didn't commit to flat camber, but I will admit, having a slightly shorter ski with camber is a lot nicer for carrying and flicking around on jump turns.
Reply from Tjaard B
Thanks for that informative review.

Too bad they only come in such short lengths! This sounds like my perfect Allround ski.
Reply from Anthony O
I think they are expanding the size range? They are on some of them at least next year. Fwiw I found them to ski slightly longer compared to full rocker. Ie I mostly ski 186-191, I bet the 183 feels like the volkl 186. And like I said I saw some products getting a 190 for next year.
Reply from Brett S
Hey Anthony, did you mount on the "newschool", "progressive", or "traditional" line?
Reply from Anthony O
I've skied factions before and like progressive which is what I used.
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Question from Anthony O
Do you think we can get some rocker profile pics?
Answer from Brett S
If you would like more images, please reach out to! It should be noted that Faction originally intended this to be a zero-camber ski, however, they have since added camber which should be shown in the picture.
Answer from Anthony O
Damn that's regrettable, a ski that was actually unique changed back to just like every other ski on the market
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Question from dauwhe
I'm really curious about a zero-camber ski. Does this make any sense for less-than-expert skiers?
Answer from Julieana
Hi Dauwhe,

Zero camber makes the ski really surfy, easy to maneuver, and quite forgiving. I think this ski makes a lot of sense for skiers of any level or ability who want an easy-turning, versatile ski!
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