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If you find yourself the proud new owner of La Machine skis from Faction and are looking to unleash the uphill potential of those very same skis, look no further. These precut climbing skins are made to perfectly mate with your La Machine skis, sorta like peanut butter and jelly. Knowing that durability and packability are both important, Faction went with a 65-35% mohair nylon mix, creating a durable yet packable skin. Taking on the adhesion duties is Kohla's Smart Glue, and while it won't help pass your math exam, it will provide reliable adhesion down to -22 degrees Fahrenheit whilst remaining easy to handle. For those spring days when the snow gets a bit soggy, the Fiber Seal technology helps to say NO to H2O, protecting the glue and allowing you to trudge on with confidence. For proud La Machine ski owners everywhere, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better climbing skin to pair with your ski.

  • Fiber Seal Technology protects your skin glue in wet conditions.
  • Made by Kohla in Austria.
  • 65-35% mohair nylon mix provides excellent durability with minimal weight.
  • Smart Glue works down to -22 degrees Fahrenheit while staying easy to handle.
  • Comes with K-Clip and E-Strap.
  • Available for La Machine Micro, Mini, and Mega.

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