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Fischer Alpattack Race Pole

Brand: Fischer
Model: AlpAttack Race
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“AlpAttack” is Fischer for “top of the podium”. Be it a World Cup, local Tuesday night series, or F.K.T. attempt, the AlpAttack series aims for the tippy-top and encourages you to follow suit. The pole is no exception to this speedy pedigree. The grip is contoured for optimal propulsion and the soft cork insulates your hands in cold conditions. A long EVA foam extension is employed below the cork for choking up on side-hills, but can also be used for more aggressive skiing when a shorter pole is better. This allows you to run a slightly longer length for extra propulsion on the climb but not sacrifice maneuverability on the descent. A classic Nordic tip and basket are used on the other end of the pole and are designed for extra grip in icy terrain, reducing slip-outs on fast skin-tracks. The Nordic basket is large enough to provide something resembling float in deep powder, but also provides minimal effect on swing weight. Connecting the grip and basket is a high-modulus carbon shaft that is extremely stiff and lightweight; the tech is borrowed from Fischer’s wildly successful Nordic program. If phrases like “VO2 Max,” “Heart Rate Zones,” or “Has anybody ever done that traverse on skis before?” ring a bell then the AlpAttack Race pole has a welcome place in your arsenal. One length (cut to fit).

  • 16mm High-Modulus Air Carbon Shaft is stiff and light for low swing-weight and increased power transfer.
  • Offtrack Basket simultaneously reduces slip-outs on icy skin tracks and increases flotation for powder skiing.
  • Multi-Grip combines the user-friendly nature of a robust touring pole with a lightweight carbon race pole to give the best of both worlds.
  • A one-size-fits-all (cut it to your preferred length) approach removes the guess work so you can get the exact size you need.
Lengths (cm) 145cm
-> ounces
194g [uncut 145cm]
Sections 1
Grip Multi grip EVA
Basket & Tip Offtrack Basket
Specs Verified Yes
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing, fast adventuring
Notes One size, cut to length
Bottom Line Fischer's Nordic prowess applied to skimo.

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