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6' 1"


164 lbs

Shoe Size

US 11.50

Skier Type

Type II - Moderate

Ski Frequency:


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Thanks for the info, jbo. I was wandering about the pin flap. The thing is, I've had some mixed experience with Plum and I really like the Trab toe piece. And as said, I don't care much about the brakes at this point. I'll most likely just go with the no-brake version and add brakes in the future if it becomes a necessity.
1. Do these work with heel adjustment plates? If so, are any specific ones required (e.g. Hagan)? Or will any 25 mm wide rails do ( e.g. Kreuzspitze Universal)? 2. Is the brake binding exactly the same as the non-brake one + the brake? I mean, can the brakes be removed and the result will be the original non-brake heel piece? Dreaming a new ski setup here. I don't really desire the brakes but would like it to be future-proof in case the brakes requirement makes it to the "citizen racing". Thanks!
Jeff, Frankly, I'm not sure if I'm serious. It really feels like a bad idea to buy this kind of a boot without trying it on first. I'm certainly looking for a pair of race boots, although probably more in the workhorse rather than the thoroughbred category if you know what I mean. These are also a bit over what my intended budget was but then the price seems to be kind of acceptable for a pair of PG's. And I was talking S/lab Sense 8 and Pulsar (the latter being marginally too tight in the forefoot) if that...
Just an update: My warranty claim has been accepted. Unfortunately only store credit has been offered. Yes, their warranty policy that I did not take time to read before the purchase clearly states that. Still sucks though! Anyway, online shoppers in Canada be forewarned! One of the few (2) major outdoor online retailers in Canada. Do your homework before flashing your card!
My feet are narrow/low volume around the ankles and the instep and moderately wide around the toes. I had a quick and intense romance with the 2022/23 version of these boots before they developed some major issues (see my review there if interested). I had to put in thick insoles to reduce the volume of those boots in the vertical dimension (my instep is low to average height I would say). After grinding off some of the aftermarket insoles' material the toe box was still pleasantly roomy. The relative soft...

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