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Doing the job almost as well as more expensive skin cutters, the G3 Trim Tool is a revelation when compared to “letter-opener” blades that require repositioning the skins after each cut. Just center your skins on your skis and run the tool along the edges. Voila! Neatly trimmed skins.

Newly-tweaked to reveal just a bit more edge, the G3 tool is easily worth its low price (less than a “Gillette” razor that only works on rough whiskers, not supple mohair). This is a great stocking stuffer for anyone who just bought skins that ship with a cheap “credit-card” blade. It’s simply a “better” cutting device.

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Questions & Reviews

Oakley (downright abused product)
I've used this tool, the BD version, and the Pomoca tool - the G3 tool is my preference. it leaves about 2mm edge, while in my experience, the pomoca version leaves about 4mm. Having the skins come closer to the edges makes traversing icy slopes more secure. The G3 version also cuts/slides slightly easier than the Pomoca due to the thumb pinch grip.

I didn't mention anything about the BD tool because it is does not deserve mentioning. If you are buying BD skins, protect your investment and cut them with this tool.
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Benski (used product a few times)
For cutting skins, this is the only tool that lives in the kit bag... a little bulkier than the BD, but so easy and ergonomic to use. With the cost of skins these days, it is worth investing in a good tool like this to quickly cut skins in the field.
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Greg K (used product a few times)
Neat design makes this incredibly easy to use and produces a high quality result (see photo). After cutting a pair of skins the tool will be gummed up with adhesive and fibers which makes any further trimming significantly more difficult if even possible. A toothbrush and some base cleaner (citrus solvent) does a good job of cleaning the tool and restoring its cutting ability.
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biggb (used product regularly)
Just re-upped my skin game this year (3 sets of BD Ascension Nylons) and needed a better trim tool than the included BD letter opener.

Tried to procure the K2 model but no luck ... sold out everywhere. Went with the G3 as my second option ... glad i did.

Put simply ... it works ... and works well. Had my skins perfectly trimmed in under 15 minutes a pair with perfect edge spacing.

Purchase with confidence.
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