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Gloworm X2 Adventure Headlamp

No Longer Carry

Turn night into day! The Gloworm X2’s impressive 2,000 lumens will light up just about the whole mountain, allowing you to ski or climb without any visibility limitations. Seriously, it will make other headlamps seem like child’s play! In typical Gloworm style, the durable, aluminum-housed 71g featherweight light connects to a battery pack via one of the included cords. Put the battery on your head, in your pack, or wherever else you want. At full blast, expect about two hours of runtime. However, for situations not requiring a car headlight level of illumination, you can flip through three different less-insanely-bright modes to save battery (and not blind your partners). For the discerning headlamp wearers, you can even dial in the exact brightness settings via the Gloworm Link Mobile App and swap out the included lenses for different beam patterns. And speaking of included, the adventure lightset comes with all you could ever need, including mounting options, remote, two different cable lengths, tools, and more. For dark adventures requiring excellent visibility and the brightest of the bright, the Gloworm X2 is willing and able to light the way.

  • 2000 Lumens for two hours of burn time truly lights up the night.
  • Gloworm Link Mobile App compatible for dialing in your perfect settings via your phone.
  • 290g total system weight with battery pack isn’t incredibly light, per se, but it sure doesn’t weigh a lot considering the monstrous output!
  • Light Dimensions 29 x 49 x 38mm (HxWxD).
  • Waterproof to IP67 means it can handle all the sweat, snow, and rain you throw at it.
  • Two optic system (1 x spot/1 x Honeycomb installed) allows you to choose the best option for your outing.
  • Wireless TX Remote for easy control.
  • Power Pack 5 (5000 mAH Lithium Ion Fast Charge Battery) with OLED Display on Power Pack.
  • Only two hours to fully recharge the battery with the 20W charger.
  • Overheat protection so you don’t melt your helmet, or anything else for that matter.
  • Optional accessories available here.
Charging Time 2hrs 40min
Lumens 2000 lumens
convert to ounces
71g [light only]
290g [whole system]
Battery Life 2 hr max power
Waterproof Rating IP67
Specs Verified Yes
Skimo Co Says
Usage Night racing, dawn patrols, night skiing
Notes Gloworm Link App allows you to set brightness anywhere from 1-100%
Bottom Line All the light you need without the bulk and weight of some other systems
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Tom Beaumont (downright abused product)
These are a brilliant light. I use them as my MTB night lights, and as a head torch when out on big ski missions. Super bright (gives you confidence in big gnarly terrain when there's lots of crevasses etc. hanging around), but also have a really dim mode that make it effective as a more general head torch. With the lighter battery back (2 not 4 cell) it is pretty weight efficient, and certainly on a luminous/gram basis it's very efficient. I just use the Go-Pro mount to attach to my helmet, rather than the option strap system
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