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Petzl's Nao RL is here to make your ambitions a reality if your childhood dream was to staff a lighthouse, direct a spotlight, or otherwise command ultra-powerful photon beams. Wielding an absurd 1500 lumen rating, this headlamp melds an ergonomic strap design reminiscent of the Iko with the adaptive light of the Swift RL, which preserves headlamp battery and reduces manual input by automatically adjusting the brightness and beam pattern depending on ambient light conditions. In tricky light such as heavy snow, a standard non-reactive light setting is also available. At a scant 145 grams, this headlamp is unlikely to weigh anyone’s head awkwardly, but the rear battery pack has nonetheless been designed to counterbalance any front weight while preserving battery life to at least seven hours in reactive lighting mode. Comfortable, adaptive, and ridiculously bright: the Nao RL is an essential tool for nocturnal adventurers.

  • 1500 lumens increases the safety of nighttime skiing or running.
  • Flood or focused beam settings adapt to the task at hand.
  • Reactive lighting is easier on the eyes, saves battery, and does not require manual adjustment.
  • Continuous or strobe red lighting increases rear visibility.
  • Uses R1 rechargeable lithium-ion battery so you don't have to remember extra AAAs!
  • Lock function means you can throw the Nao in your pack without worrying about draining the battery.
  • Easily adjustable strap with flexible front plate suits different head shapes.
  • Five-level gauge for rechargeable R1 battery makes it easy to monitor juice levels.
  • Comes with a storage pouch to convert into a lantern.
Charging Time 3.5 hrs
Lumens 1500 lumens
convert to ounces
Battery Life 7 hours minimum in reactive mode
20 hrs max burn time
Waterproof Rating IPX4 weather-resistant
Specs Verified No
Skimo Co Says
Usage Nighttime speed
Notes 160m max visibility distance!
Bottom Line Like carrying the sun on your head

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