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At Skimo Co, we try to avoid using superlative phrases like “the lighest ___”. That’s because, inevitably, something will come along that bests it. That said, the Grizzly Olympic Tour binding is the LIGHTEST full-featured touring binding on the market. It cleared the weight bar by such a large margin, and left so little room for improvement, that we’re OK just saying it. It’s hard to imagine anything topping the Olympic Tour any time soon, if ever.

Yes, this full-featured Grizzly binding ticks all the boxes (brakes, release & BSL adjustment, multiple risers, etc) at under 150 grams per side. Do the brakes have the most stopping power? Does it have the most riser positions or BSL adjustment? Does the release pass DIN certification tests? No, no, and no. But it’s still mind-boggling to tick all the boxes while weighing less than some race bindings. Some features unique to the Grizzly Olympic Tour are listed below.

  • Grizzly Fix Lock system is a manual lever to engage and disengage the toe pins.
  • Grizzly Flex system lets you micro-adjust the toe pins to accommodate worn boots.
  • Unique toe brake is integrated with the release system and comes in three widths.
  • Adjustment screw in the heel shifts lateral and vertical release from roughly 6-10.
  • Optional crampon adaptor (+6g) lets you use crampons on those icy spring mornings.
  • Microshift plate lets you slide the heel within in a 10mm range for different boots.
  • Two riser heights give a couple options for low angle or steep skinning.
  • Heel pins won’t wear and are covered by a Lifetime warranty.
  • Ultralight Titanium screws only weigh 12g per side.
  • Made with Alu 7075 and stainless steel.
  • Imported from Slovakia.
convert to ounces
141g [75-85mm]
Weight (pair) 282g [75-85mm]
Boot Compatibility   Tech
Brakes (mm)   75, 85, 95mm
BSL Adjustment   10mm
Riser Heights   2
Vertical Release   6-10
Lateral Release   6-10
Crampon Ready   Optional Accessory
Specs Verified Yes
Materials   7075 aluminum, steel
Skimo Co Says
Usage Racing, Speed touring
Notes One screw changes lateral and vertical release
Bottom Line The LIGHTEST full-featured binding
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