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Hagan has a nice lineup of racing and touring bindings. It would be a shame to not ski them because you lost a toe piece. Buy a replacement toe and get back out there. Also you'll probably want some screws since you clearly forgot to mount your bindings to your ski (unless you lost that too?). Below is our shiny collection of Hagan toe pieces.

Binding Weight
ZR 77g (2.7oz)
Ultra 72g (2.5oz)

Questions & Reviews

Question from Aaron Cox
hi i have an old set of la sportiva RT bindings that unfortunately one of the pins on the toe unit love to find an old original la sportiva RT toe piece if possible but was thinking that the hagen ultra might be a perfect replacement as the original la sportiva RT binding was made by ATK and seems like ATK and hagen are pretty much the same company ....... i was wondering what the mounting hole pattern was on the hagen ultra/other specs/(if i order it and it doesn't work what is your return policy? thank you
Answer from Trace Leches
Hey Aaron! Nice, that's some good life out of that binding! Yeah, they should just drop right into the existing holes without issue! Here's a link to all of the hole patterns and here is a link to our return policy!
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