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Hagan Binding Parts

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Bindings are made of parts, it’s a fact. Some last forever, some need replacing. Find our collection of Hagan (ATK) binding parts below.

Titanium Forks - Even with the fancy treatment on the titanium forks, they notch. At least they don’t cost an arm and a leg. Price is for a set of two and includes screws.

Heel Flaps - The bits of metal that flip onto the pins allowing you to ascend. Comes with the washers and screw to hold them in. Sold individually.

Ultra Crampon Receptors - The bolt-on crampon receptor for the Ultra binding. Includes enough hardware for one set of bindings. Weighs 16g per side with screws.

Core Freeride Spacers - A stomp pad with micro-adjustable thickness and an elastic anti-friction device that sits under the heel of the boot, eliminating the gap between your heel and the ski. Sold in pairs, each weighing 28g.

Mounting Screw 11mm - #3 Pozidrive screws with ISO standard thread pitch for mounting. Used for Ultra and ZR heel pieces.

Mounting Screw 13mm - Mounting screws for Core binding and Ultra/ZR toes.

Core 12 Pro Freeride Spacers - Optional heel replacement for the Core 12 Pro Freeride binding if you want to run without brakes.

Ultra WC Binding Rolling In System Heel Forks - The rolling pins are a game-changer for wear resistance, plus help with entry and release reliability.

Ultra WC Binding System Replacement Heel Forks - Replacement titanium U-Springs for the Ultra WC Binding.

Philosphically, toe and heel pieces are both parts and wholes.

Question from Dane H
Are these the mounting screws required for the Hagen R01 plates?
Answer from Cole P
Hello Dane, the 11mm mounting screws are required with the Hagan R01 adjustable plate. All plates come with adjustment nuts & bolts but not mounting screws.
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Question from Chris
Hello, several questions. Will the heel risers work on Hagan ZR bindings (as a follow up, my riser has been lifting while skinning and I have accidentally locked my heel while on the up, would new risers help?)

Second, would the titanium u springs work on zr bindings?

Answer from Teddy Young
Hey Chris, thanks for reaching out! I'm not certain what is creating the flappy riser issue, but the ultra heel flaps and titanium forks should be compatible with ZR binding!
Answer from Teddy Young
Also, if there is a threaded bolt for the heel riser axle, you might be able to tighten it up with a screwdriver.
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Question from Andrew
Are these Hagan heel forks and heel flaps the same as for the Movement re-branded light tech binding (https://skimo.co/movement-light-tech-binding)?

Or in other words, are the Hagan ultra heel piece and Movement light tech heel piece the same ATK heel piece? Thanks.
Answer from Jeff
Andrew, Yes, the fork and heel flap will work with that Movement branded model.
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by Pete (used product regularly)
Crampon receptors:
They do the job, when ATK had crampon receptors permanently attached it only came at a 4 gram penalty, yet these weight 16g a piece.

Dropped a star because these should not cost as much as they do. Another note, while the aluminum of the receptors is the classic high quality alloy that ATK uses, the screws are not. The heads twist off all too easily, be careful when installing and removing.
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Question from Gavin Hess
Would the titanium forks fit the la sportiva Rsr bindings? Would one of the other springs you offer be a better fit? These seem very similar.

Answer from jbo
Hi Gavin, there isn't much in the way of cross-model compatibility when it comes to U springs. I don't have an RSR to verify but chances are slim.
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Question from Pat
Are the freeride heel spacers sold singly or in pairs?
Answer from jbo
Hi Pat, I updated the description to make it more clear. They are sold in pairs.
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Question from Vadim K
Core Freeride Spacer:
Is it technically possible to use it separately i.e. with other pin-binding models? (g3 ion lt, dynafit etc.)
If so what is the gap height range (top of ski's topsheet <-> top of stomp pad)?.

Or may be you have some other options for separate AFD/stomp pads.
Answer from Trace Leches
Hi Vadim! I suppose in theory you could use this independently of the Core binding, but it's definitely not designed to function as a standalone part, so you might have to get a bit creative with mounting it. The height is adjustable and at the lowest height, it is 18.4mm tall. What are you looking to accomplish with this independent AFD project? There may be some other solutions, but I'd love to get a bit more info about what you're looking to do with it.
Answer from Trace Leches
Also, here is a picture of it from a different angle.
Answer from Vadim K
Hello Trace! Thanks for your input!
The main purpose is to experiment with adding kind of a stomp pad to the traditional pin bindings.
I had some bad experience of breaking Dynafit heel posts and also some people say that stomp pad will add "more alpine feel" while skiing. So to prevent overloading of the heel pins mainly. Leaving the noticable gap of ~5mm between the boot sole and the stomp pad I will still be able to flex the ski and eject under "normal" loading conditions.
The most simple way I see is to use measured teflon blocks mounted infront of the heel pieces (like on Plum Yak bindings). The more fancy way - ATK freeride spacers, but they are pretty unique and rare to check it out.
What is your opinion about stomp pad idea in general?
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Question from Eric
Are steel forks available, or will the steel forks from other manufacturers' bindings work? I really like the design of this binding, but would love to use it for lots of training without having to worry about wearing through forks. Also, weight differences between the titanium fork and any steel alternatives would be appreciated!
Answer from jbo
Hi Eric, unfortunately not, on both counts. The titaniums last a good while though and are reasonably priced. You can also flip 'em once before retiring.
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